PlayerJoinTitle 1.2

Show a huge message on a player's screen when they join!

  1. MYL


    This is a simple plugin which shows a "title" and "subtitle" on the player screen when a player joins the server with this plugin installed. It is basically the '/title' command run on a player when they join.
    This plugin is for 1.8 servers only.

    1. This plugin sends a configurable fixed title and a random subtitle each time a player joins the server.
    2. Color codes (&a, &l, etc.) are supported.
    3. Variables (see below).
    There are no commands. Configurations can only be done by modifying config.yml.


    config.yml example:
    Code (Text):
      title: '&4Title' # A fixed title
      subtitle:  # A random subtitle will be selected from this list
        - '&fWelcome %player%!'
        - '&fThis line has a 33% chance of showing!'
        - '&fOnline players: %playercount%'
      fadeIn: 20 # Title fade in duration
      stayOn: 50 # Title stay on screen duration
      fadeOut: 30 # Title fade out duration
    Timings are in Minecraft ticks.

    • %player% - Shows the display name of the player
    • %playercount% - Shows the number of online players


    I will try to fix any bugs as soon as possible, report them in the comments! Have a suggestion? Don't be afraid to share!

    Note: This is the first plugin I have ever published, enjoy! ;)
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