PlayerKarma 0.9.1

A plugin made to (in a minor way) keep track of players' infractions and behavior on a server

  1. Abs0rbed
    Instead of having to remember who did what when, this plugin makes use of points called 'karma' to keep track of players' deeds, both good and bad. However, too much bad behavior is never a good thing, and if your karma drops below 0, you're out!

    Just like any other plugin! Just move into your server's plugins folder and start up!

    Admin Commands
    • "*" can be used in any command that alters karma values to change all players' karma accordingly
    • /karma give <name | *> (amount) - Gives a player an amount of karma. Will unban players with < 0 karma if it takes them above
    • /karma take <name | *> (amount) - Takes an amount of karma from a player. The player will be banned if their karma drops below 0
    • /karma set <name | *> (amount) - Sets a player's karma to the number specified. Will ban/unban according to the number given.
    • /karma list - Lists all players and their karma values
    Player Commands
    • /karma view - Views current karma
    • pk.give - Allows access to /karma give
    • pk.take - Allows access to /karma take
    • pk.list - Allows access to /karma list
    • pk.set - Allows access to /karma set
    • For those of you who are interested: Github

Recent Reviews

  1. Douglas_AMV
    Version: 0.9.1
    Good plugin :)