PlayerLink v1.4.2

"Link" your players into your server with useful commands like /website, /vote, and MORE!

  1. jflory7

    What is it?

    PlayerLink is a simple, lightweight plugin designed to make sharing URLs related to your server easier. With the mere typing of a command, a user can instantly be given a URL to whatever you set! No longer will you have to pump a URL through an announcer plugin and no longer will you have to have the URL in the clipboard for when new players join your server. It's all there for them. Whether it be a website, voting page, Facebook page, Twitter page, YouTube account... we have you covered.

    In addition to just showing the link, every time a player uses one of these commands, it will be broadcast across the chat, to let others know that the command is there for them to use. All it takes is one player to use the command, and everybody online now knows about it! This is only an optional feature, though.

    • /playerlink help
      • Shows all usable commands
    • /website
      • Shows the link to a website you set
    • /vote
      • Shows the link to a voting website you set (Votifier recommended)
    • /forums
      • Shows the link to a forum you set
    • /shop
      • Shows the link to a server shop you set
    • /voice
      • Shows the IP to a voice server you set
    • /map
      • Shows the link to a DynMap page you set
    • /wiki
      • Shows the link to a wiki that you set
    • /facebook
      • Shows the link to a Facebook page you set
    • /twitter
      • Shows the link to a Twitter page you set
    • /youtube
      • Shows the link to a YouTube page you set
    • /google+
      • Shows the link to a Google+ page you set
    • /instagram
      • Shows the link to an Instagram page you set
    • /link
      • Shows the link to any URL you set
    • /playerlink reload
      • Reload the configuration file
    • None, at the moment!
    Leave us suggestions in a ticket by clicking HERE.

    • playerlink.*
      • Allows access to all commands in the plugin
    • playerlink.player.*
      • Allows access to all player-related commands in the plugin
      • Does not include /playerlink reload
    • playerlink.forums
    • playerlink.voice
    • playerlink.dynmap
    • playerlink.facebook
    • playerlink.twitter
    • playerlink.googleplus
    • playerlink.instagram
    • playerlink.reload
    Known Bugs / Issues

    No current bugs or issues! To report a bug or issue, please make a ticket HERE.


    (What is displayed after typing "/website") [​IMG](What is displayed after typing "/vote") [​IMG]


    PlayerLink was originally developed by xBrandonGordon, a 14-year-old programmer with a goal to become better at Java. After the plugin was abandoned in April 2013, the plugin was picked up by me, jflory7, because I still thought the plugin was useful. I rewrote the plugin from top to bottom and added more useful commands to make it a comprehensive and thorough plugin. I took this project on as a chance for me to become more fluent in Java and to help breathe life into an abandoned plugin.

    This plugin is sponsored by CrystalCraftMC, a semi-vanilla Minecraft server. Click here to learn more.


    All source code can be found published under the MIT License by clicking here.


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Recent Reviews

  1. Gimmes
    Version: v1.4.2
    Great plugin! Also I like Pixiio's reply about language file!

    ~ Tycho
    1. jflory7
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the kind words – glad you are enjoying the plugin! I hope to add language files sometime in the near future. There's a lot going on for me right now!
  2. Pixiio
    Version: 1.4
    Good plugin, just waiting for the language config :)
  3. FluffyPancakes
    Version: 1.4
    Does what it says, but the plugin Custom Commands does the same thing :)
    1. jflory7
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review! As for the other plugin, it looks like it has a bit of a different functionality than what my plugin does, but if you leave me suggestions and ideas in the thread, I will try to implement them. :)