PlayerLock 0.0.1

PlayerLock - User restriction on server.

  1. Sirenum
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    PlayerLock 0.0.1

    This plugin allows an administrator to restrict a user upon join. When a player joins the server, an option can be set in the configuration file to freeze the player.
    >> Commands and Permissions <<
    • /playerlock <on> || <off> - Do you want to enable or disable Restriction on Join?
    • /playerlock <playername> - Allows administrator to remove a user from the restriction.
    • /playerlock version - Displays current plugin version.
    • Bypass permission to allow users to escape restriction.
    >> Configuration <<
    • Code (Text):
      Restrict-msg: "&a&l! >> &7This server is using %prefix%, &7you will need an &cAdmin &7to move!"
      Inform-msg: "&a&l! >> &7You need an administrator to release you. &b&nUse /msg."
      no-Permission: "%prefix%: &eSorry, you need permission to use this."
      Admin-lock-msg: "&a&l! >> &7The user, &a&n%user% &r &7has been locked."
      User-lock-msg: "&a&l! >> &7You have been &a&nLocked&r &7 by an Admin!"
      Admin-unlock-msg: "&a&l! >> &7The user, &a&n%user% &r &7has been unlocked."
      User-unlock-msg: "&a&l! >> &7You have been &a&nunlocked&r &7an Admin!"
      Lock-API: true
      Lock-API-off: "&a&l! >> %prefix% &7on user join is &cdisabled!"
      Lock-API-on: "&a&l! >> %prefix% &7on user join is &aenabled!"
    • Code (Text):
          description: Main command for the plugin.
          aliases: [lock, plock]
    If you have any questions or requests, please private message me.

    I don't believe there should be any issues with running this on 1.9. It has not been tested or compiled on a 1.9 server, however, the features used should not be affected.