PlayerMention - Completely Recoded 3.7

When a player says your name in chat it will notify you

  1. HYPExMon5ter
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    Exus-Kun - (Original Author)

    Video by @ManuGun

    - PlayerMention ~ Shows the help menu!
    Arguments: config (pm.admin), messages (pm.admin), reload (pm.admin), everyone (pm.everyone), toggle (pm.toggle)
    Usage: /PlayerMention
    Aliases: /PM


    - pm.receive ~ Gives you the permission to receive a notification when someone mentions your name in chat ;)

    - pm.use ~ Gives you the permission to mention people (only used if 'needPermissionToMention' is 'true' in the config)

    - pm.admin ~ Gives you the permission to do all set/disable commands, receive update messages, do /PlayerMention everyone, etc.

    - pm.everyone ~ Gives you the permission to do @everyone and /PlayerMention everyone

    - pm.bypass ~ Gives you the permission to bypass the cooldown

    - pm.toggle ~ Gives you the permission to do /PlayerMention toggle


    If you have a suggestion you can submit it HERE.


    If you find a bug submit it HERE.


    If you're feeling extra nice and like my plugin and have some money laying around, don't hesitate to donate. It helps me out a lot even if it's $0.01
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Recent Updates

  1. Async Update Checker
  2. Update notification fix
  3. 1.8 support is back..

Recent Reviews

  1. TheHippoJon
    Version: 3.6.1
    Fantastic plugin, works as expected for me. Needs to have a finished text replacement feature, though.
    1. HYPExMon5ter
      Author's Response
      I'll be adding it soon <3
  2. NitomeGR
    Version: 3.6.1
    Great plugin, the developer fixed my previous issue in a short time period and the plugin works as intended.
    1. HYPExMon5ter
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your review! :D
  3. Mr_Art
    Version: 3.6
    PLEASE FIX! this is awesome plugin but it keep reminding me to update even its uptodate ! thank <3
    1. HYPExMon5ter
      Author's Response
      It's fixed, thank you for the review and thank you for not rating it lower for the bug :)
  4. RainOfPain125
    Version: 3.6
    Very great plugin for servers with tons of players on at the same time (like factions, towny, etc)

    I see this as a vital plugin for any server that has the need for chatting, addressing others, so on

    I appreciate the devs work, appreciate the dev keeps it free, and I hope the dev keeps it free forever / keeps updating it

    Also, maybe the dev could add our server to the servers in the post desc :P
    1. HYPExMon5ter
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your review! I'll add your server.
  5. Did16
    Version: 3.6
    Hi, sorry I'm French, I apologize for the level of English ..
    I downloaded the plugin on my server without problem, but when I mention someone (even on me), it does not work, I do not have a cat plugin except Essentials, it's normal? Can we fix it? In any case the presentation on Spigot is very pretty, well done :)
    If you want a screenshot, tell me !
  6. KimoVoidDSGN
    Version: 3.6
    Awesome plugin :D it works really fine. I'll donate to you ;)
    1. HYPExMon5ter
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your review! I got your donation, it’s greatly appreciated. You’re the first person to donate to me since I’ve released this plugin.
  7. GorgeousWeed
    Version: 3.5
    This plugin is fantastic! So happy I installed it. It has fantastic configuration options. Keep it up!
  8. En_0t_S
    Version: 3.4
    Great plugin! ------------------------------------------------------------------
    1. HYPExMon5ter
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review!
  9. Elguerrero
    Version: 3.3.2
    Spanish: El plugin es increible un adoon impresionante y chulisimo para cualquier server,no entiendo porque desactivaste el soporte de 1.8 para atras en vez de arreglarle los fallos pero bueno,yo personalmente en mi network ya tengo con casi todo 1.12 con protocol support pero en fin,aun asi y sea como el plugin es el mejor que he visto hasta el momento de esto y de los pocos que hay y el developer es muy buena gente,y encima gratis!? buen trabajo!:D ; )
    English: The plugin is awesome awesome and awesome for any server, I do not understand why you disabled support from 1.8 to back instead of fix the failures but well, I personally in my network and I have almost all 1.12 with protocol support but in end, even so, and be like the plugin is the best I've seen so far and of the few there are and the developer is very good people, and on top of it !? good job!: D; )
    1. HYPExMon5ter
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your review! I removed 1.8 support because 1.8 is super old and needs to die off already and also made more problems for me, so I just removed it.
  10. xXBlazeCraftXx
    Version: 3.3.1
    Really good plugin just 1 issue, commands don't seem to work when I do them nothing happens no message no nothing. I'm op.