PlayerMention - Completely Recoded 3.7

When a player says your name in chat it will notify you

  1. Async Update Checker

    Made the update checker Async and made it so it didn't check for an update everytime someone joined the server.

    Temporarily removed Essentials support as there's a bug and I can't figure out the issue at the moment.
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  2. Update notification fix

    Finally fixed the update notifier from constantly saying there was an update, this is because the API I was using was discontinued, it is now fixed and shouldn't break ever again, I'm sorry to everyone it annoyed, and sorry it took so long to fix it, been very busy with school and other life things.
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  3. 1.8 support is back..

    Due to high request I have added 1.8 support, but keep in mind, it comes with limitations, particles and actionabars will not work, I'll work on adding actionbar support for 1.8 maybe sometime in the near future, though particles will never be supported on 1.8.
  4. Ignore Fix

    Fixed where player's we're still being mentioned when ignored via essentials (also fixes people mentioning someone that ignores them).
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  5. Tab Completion!

    Added tab completion for commands and made the check that disables the plugin if you're under 1.9 better, it's now future proof, meaning that when 1.13 comes out I won't have to change anything to stop it from disabling on 1.13.

    Merry Christmas!
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  6. Bye bye 1.8 and below

    Made it so that if you're trying to run the plugin on a unsupported version it will disable and let you know why in console, to prevent errors and to prevent people from thinking the plugin is broken. (so yes, goodbye 1.8 and below, you won't be missed)
  7. Bug Fix

    Fixed a bug where %player% was getting replaced with the player mentioned instead of the player mentioning, sorry about that, didn't catch it because I was always testing with myself.. lol.
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  8. Recode!

    • Added a new config file (messages.yml)
    • Converted everything into one command (/PlayerMention)
    • Added an event for developers for when player's are mentioned
    • Hooked into skript so that you can use `on mention:`
    • Improved performance by caching the config values instead of grabbing them each time they're needed.
    • Added json for the help menu, so you can click on a command to run it or to paste it in your chat (depends on what command it is)
    • Lots of other stuff.
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  9. Bug Fix

    This is just an update to fix the things that needed to be fixed while y'all wait for me to finish recoding the plugin.

    - ActionBar causing errors on 1.12
    - It still replacing the name of the person you mentioned in chat with the prefix you specified in the config when they don't have permission to receive mentions.

    Sorry the recode isn't out yet, I've been very busy with other projects and school and lots of other stuff, I hope to get it out to y'all soon.
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  10. 1.12 Support!!

    - Added official 1.12 support! Yes you heard that right ;)
    - Fixed where you couldn't use a comma behind a player's name and it still mention them