PlayerParticles 7.15

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  1. PlayerParticles v7.10 (Updater Hotfix)

    This hotfix fixes an issue where the updater would always suggest your plugin version number is v7.1.

    === v7.10 ===

    + Added command '/pp reset <player>' to be able to reset the particles of an offline player
    - Permission: 'playerparticles.reset.others'
    + Added permissions for maximum particles, groups, and fixed effects (values in the config are now the lower bounds)
    - playerparticles.particles.max.<number>
    - playerparticles.groups.max.<number>
    - playerparticles.fixed.max.<number>
    * The 'swords' style now lets you edit what is considered a sword in its settings file
    * Fixed wooden swords not being counted with the 'swords' style in 1.13+
    * Fixed the 'fishing' style causing particles to spawn for users who don't even have it applied
    * Fixed effect permissions being registered with the server even if they aren't supported
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