PlayerParticles 7.19

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  1. PlayerParticles 7.16

    === v7.16 ===
    + The GUI particle presets page is now fully customizable from the preset_groups.yml file and supports multiple pages
    + Added '/pp use <effect>|<style>|<data> <value>', functions the same as '/pp effect|style|data' did in v5 and below
    + Added optional parameters to '/pp toggle [on|off]', if absent it will toggle
    + Added new WorldGuard flag player-particles to allow/deny particles in specific regions
    - The old WorldGuard region handling is deprecated, please get moved over to the new system
    * The plugin now waits a few ticks before initializing to wait for other plugins to register to the custom styles event
    * Fixed off by 1 for hex colors in messages if at end of string
    * Now uses double math everywhere rather than sometimes floats, more precise
    * Fixed the janky way of opening /pp gui by default
    * ParticleStyle constructors are now marked as protected to prevent accidental initialization
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