PlayerParticles 8.1

[1.7.10-1.18.2] | GUI | Block Particles | Trails | MySQL | 90 Particle Types | 38 Styles

  1. PlayerParticles v8.1

    === v8.1 ===
    * Fixed the /pp reload command throwing errors on 1.12.2 or older
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  2. PlayerParticles v8.0

    === v8.0 ===
    + Added support for Particle Packs (more information on this coming soon)
    + Added setting toggle-on-combat-include-mobs
    * Fixed the player-particles WorldGuard region not working and throwing errors due to a WorldGuardWrapper bug
    * Fixed particle effects now save the pitch/yaw of the player when they are created
    * Fixed an error when doing /pp reload if a player has the GUI open
    * The icosphere style now fades between dust colors when using the dust_color_transition effect
  3. PlayerParticles v7.24

    === v7.24 ===
    * Fixed configs not generating properly on newer versions of 1.18.1
  4. PlayerParticles v7.23

    === v7.23 ===
    + Added new effect for 1.18 called 'block_marker'
    - The effects 'barrier' and 'light' are no longer available in 1.18 due to changes by Mojang, use 'block_marker' with barrier or light block data instead
  5. PlayerParticles v7.22

    === v7.22 ===
    + Added a permission playerparticles.basecommand (granted by default) which can be revoked to block access to /pp
    + Added Polish (pl_PL) translation
    * Fixed a ClassDefNotFoundError when editing particle data in the GUI on versions below 1.13
    * Fixed the dust-size not working for dust particles
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  6. PlayerParticles v7.21

    === v7.21 ===
    + Added new API functionality for styles
    * Particles now center based on the player's eye height instead of 1 block above their feet
    * Fixed an issue where NPC deaths would spam errors in console
  7. PlayerParticles v7.20

    === v7.20 ===
    + Added 1.17 support
    + Added new style 'death'
    + Added new style 'icosphere' (Very experimental, not recommended to use)
    + Command blocks can now be used to create fixed particle effects
    * Fixed celebration style particles not appearing as a fixed effect when the owner is invisible
    * Optimized move and trail styles
    * Capitalized data type titles in the GUI
    * Color names are now capitalized and use hex codes
    * PParticles can now override the data that will be used (API...
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  8. PlayerParticles v7.19

    === v7.19 ===
    + Added new style 'outline' which displays the player's hitbox or a block bounds if fixed
    + Added the ability to toggle particles by clicking the head icon in the main GUI
    + Added a setting to the config to display particles even when invisible
    * Fixed issue with fixed effects always getting deleted on join when the check-permissions-on-login setting is enabled
    * Fixed lag when unregistering and registering permissions on reload
    * The database connection and migrations...
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  9. PlayerParticles v7.18

    === v7.18 ===
    + Added setting to check particle permissions on login
    + Added commands to directly open two more GUI pages '/gui <type>'
    * Updated WorldGuardWrapper to fix an error with newer versions of WorldEdit/WorldGuard
    * Fixed primary effects/styles defaulting to flame and normal even if the player doesn't have permission
    * Fixed an NPE with the celebration style trying to get effects/styles for an offline player
    * Alphabetized the blocks and items data GUI pages, added blocks to...
  10. PlayerParticles v7.17

    === v7.17 ===
    + Added an option to make the group save GUI icon print a message to chat (This is for bungee servers)
    * Fixed /pp group save not overwriting existing particles properly
    * Fixed permissions getting registered before effects/styles were registered
    * Fixed messages having a prefix even when the prefix is disabled
    * Fixed several tasks not loading properly after a /pp reload
    * Fixed netherite swords not being included in the swords style list by default
    * Fixed /ppo...
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