PlayerPing 1.4.1

Are you lagging?Check your ping!

  1. yapzhenyie
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    This plugin is outdated!
    feel free to PM me for questions, make sure to register them after PlayerPing has loaded (depend)
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    • Check your & other player ping.
    • Check player ping from the console.
    • Show the 'Ping' on PlayerListName/TabList.


    Code (Text):

    Prefix: '&ePlayerPing &8&l| '

    #Send A "Ping" Messages when a player join the server.
      SendMessage: true
        - '&3Welcome &b{player} &3to the server!'
        - '&3Your ping is {ping}.'

    #Show the Ping at PlayerListName.
      Enabled: true
      # 20 tick = 1 second, 10 tick = 0.5 second;set the timer to update PlayerListName Ping.
      Distance: 20
      Name: '{player} &e{ping}ms'

    #Show the Ping or Messages/Information on TabList.
    #  Allow: false
      Enabled: true
      Distance: 20
      Header: '&bWelcome to Spigot Server!'
      Footer: 'Ping: {ping}'

        - '&e---------------&fHelp: PlayerPing Admin&e---------------'
        - '&3Usage: PlayerPing &e[command|help] &3- &ePlayerPing Command &b[1/1]'
        - '&3 /pingc &e[player] &3- &eShow the ping of the player.'
        - '&3 /playerping &e[command] &3- &eList the PlayerPing commands.'
        - '&3 /playerping &e[version] &3- &eGet PlayerPing plugin version.'
        - '&3 /playerping &e[reload] &3- &eReload plugin configuration.'

      No Permission: '&cYou do not have permission to do this!'
      Ping: '&3/pingc &e[&bPlayer&e]'
      YourPing: '&3Your ping is &b{ping}ms&3.'
      OtherPing: '&b{targetplayer} &3ping is &b{targetplayerping}ms&3.'
      PlayerNotFound: '&cPlayer not found!'
      Running Version: '&b{pluginname} &3is running Version &b{version}&b!'
      Reload Config: '&3Successful Reload {pluginname} Configuration &e- &3Version &b{version}&3!'

    PM me if you make the tutorial video!
    Coming soon.

    Player name


    Player ping


    Targetplayer name


    Targetplayer ping


    - Let a player check their ping.
    - List PlayerPing commands.
    - playerping.*
    description: Let a player to use all PlayerPing commands.
    description: Let a player check their ping.
    - playerping.otherping
    description: Let a player check otherplayer ping.
    description: Let a player list PlayerPing commands.

    Report A Bugs?
    PM me if you have any questions or report any bugs!

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    Very Good Plugin You Have Do Very Good Job Keep Updating This Man!!
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      Author's Response
      I'm sorry, I was going to keep upgrade the plugin but my RAM was damaged.