PlayerPortals | Craftable Teleporters! 0.0.1

Craftable teleporters for survival or creative!

  1. DaytonJWatson
    Native Minecraft Version:

    Looking for a plugin that allows your players to create a link between two locations easily and efficiently? Look no further!

    Although this Spigot Plugin is in very early beta stages, it is fully functioning, allowing your players to create their portals and start exploring further than possible before!
    • Ease of use!
      Using PlayerPortals is as easy as crafting the two stations, and placing them wherever you desire!
    • Custom Crafting Recipes
      PlayerPortals uses custom crafting recipes to create the two portals (StationA, StationB) to avoid players placing portals accidentally!
    • 1 Portal per Player
      At the current version of 0.0.1, Players are only allowed 1 portal. Only the creator of the portal is able to use the portal as well!
    • Portals don't drop
      Currently, portals do not drop the portal if they broken, this is subject to change in future versions!
    • Lightweight
      The plugin is lightweight and small in size to keep your server running at maximum efficiency!
    • Data Logging
      All portals are logged in a .yml file in the plugin folder!


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