PlayerReport 0.4.2

Is no longer supported

  1. No self report and spam protection

    Version 0.4.2:
    Added: Players can't spam the report system. Spam protection (45 sec).
    Fixed: Players can no longer report themselves.
  2. Ban was fixed

    Version 0.4.1:
    Fixed: Banned users could still join the server again without problems.
  3. Added, Fixes and Changes in version 0.4

    Version 0.4:
    Added: If there are still open reports, the number of reports when the server is entered into the chat is displayed.

    Added: If a player banned or unbanned everyone with permission /pr.r.messages will receive a chat notification.

    Fixed: The missing translation in the collection of the reports has been fixed.
    Fixed: If the message is less than 1...
  4. User permissions was fixed

    Version 0.3.2:
    Fixed: Default permissions for normal player was fixed.
  5. MyBB ban auto-posting fix

    Version: 0.3.1
    Fixed: Ban auto-posting in MyBB was fixed. The field mybb_tid was missing.

    To resolve the problem, proceed as follows.
    1. Install the version of PlayerReport and Reload your server.
    2. Go to your database and go to the mc_pr_bans table and then click on the "Structure" tab.
    Now for a new table one with the following data:

    Name: mybb_tid
    Type: varchar
    Length: 10

    If you have problems or questions, please ask me.
  6. PlayerReport now in German and English

    Version: 0.3
    Added: You can change the language in the config.yml file between German and English.
    Added: The plugin was completely translated into English.
  7. Broadcast Message für neue Reports

    Version: 0.2
    Added: Falls ein Report abgegeben worden ist, erhalten alle Spieler mit der Permission pr.r.messages eine Benachrichtung, das ein neuer Report eingegangen ist.