PlayerReviewer v2.8

Player applications for ranks, based on criteria. Applications can be rated by users with permission

  1. Fixed NPE and missing dependancy

    - Fixed NullPointerException with ScheduledExecutorService
    - Fixed dependency fail with Apache Utils (commons-lang3 3.9), shaded into jar
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  2. Added GitLab and DiscordSRV Support

    - Added GitLab issue support, creating new issue (or re-opening and altering contents) with new applications
    - Added chunky render link support in GitLab issues
    - Updated to use newer DiscordSRV 1.18.2
    - Added Discord channel notification (by channel name matching in discord config.yml)
    - Added native web-url of related GitLab issue to discord notification
    - Added storing active applications in config
  3. PlayerReviewer v2.5

    - Fixed permission issues
    - Fixed SQL update issues
    - Fixed SQL instance overloading

    - Added Chunky render support
    - Added new SQL table sections
  4. PlayerReviewer v2.4

    - Added configuration for enabling/disabling ranks in applications. To allow staff to decide the rank rather than application specific
    - Fixed SQL update loop
  5. PlayerReviewer v2.3

    - Fixed SQL timeout
    - Fixed incorrect applications.yml internal path
    - Added version checking
  6. PlayerReviewer v2.2

    Added custom SQL table names, specified within the config file under:
    SQL-Table: <table name>

    Fixed time out issue with incorrect rating list formatting
  7. PlayerReviewer v2.1

    - Added support for dynamic criteria for SQL based applications.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: The criteria in the config file MUST match the SQL database column layout:
    Name | rank | criteria 1 | criteria 2| … | criteria n | plotloc | totalRatings | ratinglist
  8. PlayerReviewer v2.0

    - Added support for customisable criteria in local file config (Does have customisability with SQL databases yes)