PlayerShops GUI [BSP] - Allow players to create public shops v1.2.2

Allows players to create public GUI Shops to sell their items.

  1. Blackixx
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    PlayerShops GUI
    PlayerShops GUI is the most playerfriendly shop plugin.
    Using this plugin players will be able to create their own virtual shop, where they can sell their items. They will be able to browse around in a public shop listing, check out other shops and purchase items from other players.

    Everything works with an intuitive inventory GUI - basically zero commands required!

    PlayerShops is a BossShopPro addon. It requires BossShopPro in order to work.

    Players are able to create their own shop with a simple button.

    Next they can add items from their inventory by simply clicking them and entering a price in chat.

    Now as soon as they press the "Save" button, their shop will become public and other players can purchase the items. One big GUI lists all available shops - sorted by permissions or other configurable settings.

    • Super easy and intuitive to use
    • No need to invest time in configuration: Everything ready to be instantly used (Everything is configurable if you want to customize the plugin though)
    • Allows players to create their own public shop and sell their items
    • Supported currencies: Money (works with Vault), Points and Exp
    • Shop listing GUI of all available shops
      • Configurable shop ranking
      • Sort shops after permissions
      • Allow players to rent a better listing spot for money
      • Optionally show shops of online players only
    • Players can purchase additional shop slots
    • Allow players to give their shops an own name
    • Take taxes from purchases
    • Item price maximum and minimum
    • Item blacklist
    • Sign support
    • Online players are notified when something from their shop is purchased: One message is sent at the end of a shop visit, rather than a message for each purchase
    • Shopicons
      • Every shop has an icon
      • Optional: Use playerheads as icons (They need to refresh every time the shoplist is opened though)
      • Either allow players to select an icon themself or choose icons depending on the size of a shop
    • The look of every item and component of the GUI can be modified
    • All messages and texts are configurable
    Example sign (gives direct access to the shop of a player; optional):

    • /playershops - Opens the main PlayerShops GUI
    • /playershops <player name> - Directly opens the shop of a player (Can be accessed with the shop listing GUI too)
    • /ps
    • /playershop

    Admin commands:
    • /psadmin create <player name> - Creates shop for named player
    • /psadmin delete <player name> - Deletes shop of named player
    • /psadmin save <player name> - Saves shop of named player and ends edit mode (if the shop is in edit mode at the moment)

    Permissions are disabled by default (exception: admin commands). You can enable them by setting "EnablePermissions: true" in your config.yml.

    • - Allows to open the main PlayerShops GUI
    • PlayerShops.create - Allows the creation of a shop
    • PlayerShops.buyslot - Allows buying additional slots
    • - Allows renting a better shoplisting spot
    • PlayerShops.selecticon - Allows the selection of a shop icon (Requires 'ShopIcon.AllowIconSelection: true' in your config.yml)
    • PlayerShops.createSign - Allows creating playershop signs which link to the own shop
    • PlayerShops.createSign.other - Allows creating plaershop signs which link to any player shop
    • PlayerShops.admin - Required for admin commands

    Code (Text):
    # PlayerShops
    # by Felix Neubauer
    # Check out following page for more information:
    #This is the currency which will be used. Supported are: "Money" (working with Vault), "Points" (check BossShopPro for more info) and "Exp".
    PriceType: money
    #If enabled players need specific permissions in order to create a shop, purchase additional slots, etc.
    #If disabled anyone can create and handle their own shop. Note: Configurable permissions like the ones needed for a better shoplisting spot are enabled anyways.
    EnablePermissions: false
    #Shopcreation cost and the amount of slots users begin with.
      Price: 1000.0
      Slots: 9
    #Delay in seconds which players need to wait between two shop edits (to prevent lag).
    ShopEditDelay: '15'
    #If enabled players will not be able to sell items if other plugins cancel the InventoryClickEvent on that item. That way players can be prevented from selling plugin items like a server selector or a rules book.
    #This feature might be incompatible with other plugins which are not able to distinguish their own GUIs from PlayerShops GUIs and lead to players not being able to sell any item.
    PreventSellingPluginItems: true
    #Ability for players to increase their shop slot amount.
      Enabled: true
      #Price per purchase (this calculation makes the price increase every time)
      Price: '%playershops_slots_current% * 100 - 800'
      #Amount of slots per purchase
      Amount: 1
      #Total slot limit
      TotalLimit: 54
    #If enabled players rent better spots in the shop listing
      Enabled: true
      #Price per rent. Players can pay rent multiple times at once. The money is added to a player renting balance.
      Price: '750'
      #One renting period. After every period some money is removed from the renting balance. Set this to -1 if you want players to always keep their renting balance.
      Period: '60*60*24*30'
      #This is the amount of money taken every renting period.
      PeriodDecrease: 750
      #If enabled players can increase their rent while already having a rented shop slot.
      AllowStacking: true
      #If enabled players with a higher renting balance will get a better listing spot.
      SortAfterRentAmount: true
      #The maximum amount of players to rent a featured shop slot at the same time. Set it to '-1' to disable it.
      PlayerLimit: 18
    #Here you can define the order in which shops are listed. You can fill in permissions which players need in order to get a rank,
    #or "renting" in order to define the rank players renting a listing spot will get.
    #Players will always get the highest possible rank. If two players have the same rank and 'SortAfterRentAmount' is set to true the one with a higher rent balance will get the better spot.
    #If players still have an equal rank their shop slot amount will decide who gets the first spot.
      - Permission.Sponsor
      - renting
      - Permission.Donator
      - Permission.Helper
      #Useful when having a huge amount of players: Will hide shops of offline players. Shops renting a better spot will be displayed even if the owner is offline.
      ListOnlinePlayerShopsOnly: false
    #Taxes: Percentage which will be removed from the reward players will get. '1.00' = 100%.
    Tax: 0.00
    #Price limits to prevent items from being sold way below/above their worth
      Minimum: 1.00
      Maximum: 75000.00
    # Sound:
    # Sound sent to a player. Can be turned off by setting it to ''. Individual sound settings can be added to the configuration sections of your shops and shopitems, else they will inherit the sound settings of their parent.
    # Formatting: <sound name>:<volume>:<pitch>. You can find all available sound names here:
      PlayerPurchasedFromYou: 'ENTITY_PLAYER_LEVELUP:1:1.5'
    #Shop icon settings (Icons used in shop listing GUI)
      #If enabled players are able to rename their shop
        Permission: ''
        SlotsNeeded: 18
      #If players meet the conditions they will be able to use color codes in their shop names
        Permission: 'PlayerShops.renamecolors'
        SlotsNeeded: 18
      #Currently heads need to reload every time the inventory is opened -> not recommended
      UsePlayerHeads: false
      #If enabled players are able to select an icon at their own
      AllowIconSelection: false
      #In case of 'AllowIconSelection: true' players can select an item of their inventory if they meet the given conditions
        Permission: ''
        SlotsNeeded: 54
      #A list of available icons, starting with the highest one. If 'AllowIconSelection: false' and playerheads are disabled, shops will automatically pick the highest available icon here.
      #In the 'Icon' section of every item you can define its look using all possible BossShopPro item data. Besides you can specify permission and shop slots requirements.
      #Giving an item a custom name or lore will override the default ShopIcon look defined in the messages.yml file.
          - type:TNT
          - 'name:&4&l%playershopname%'
          Permission: 'PlayerShops.Icon.TNT'
          SlotsNeeded: 0
          - type:OBSIDIAN
          - 'name:&4&l%playershopname%'
          Permission: ''
          SlotsNeeded: 54
          - type:DIAMOND_BLOCK
          - 'name:&1&l%playershopname%'
          Permission: ''
          SlotsNeeded: 48
          - type:GOLD_BLOCK
          - 'name:&6&l%playershopname%'
          Permission: ''
          SlotsNeeded: 42
          - type:IRON_BLOCK
          - 'name:&9&l%playershopname%'
          Permission: ''
          SlotsNeeded: 36
          - type:DIAMOND
          - 'name:&b&l%playershopname%'
          Permission: ''
          SlotsNeeded: 30
          - type:GOLD_INGOT
          - 'name:&e&l%playershopname%'
          Permission: ''
          SlotsNeeded: 24
          - type:IRON_INGOT
          - 'name:&8&l%playershopname%'
          Permission: ''
          SlotsNeeded: 21
          - type:COAL
          - 'name:&8&l%playershopname%'
          Permission: ''
          SlotsNeeded: 18
          - type:COBBLESTONE
          Permission: ''
          SlotsNeeded: 15
          - type:LOG
          Permission: ''
          SlotsNeeded: 12
          - type:DIRT
          Permission: ''
          SlotsNeeded: 0
    #Signs allow players to either directly open a playershop or the shop listing GUI by simply clicking them.
      Enabled: true
      PlayerShopText: '[PlayerShop]'
      ShopListingText: '[PlayerShops]'

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    Version: v1.1.7
    Author is amazingly responsive. I put in a simple request, and within 12 hours it was added to the plugin. I don't know that you can ask for anything better than that!
    1. Blackixx
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much :)
  2. nort721
    Version: v1.1.7
    the amazing plugin works really good and amazing plugin page keep on doing!!!!!!!
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      Thanks a lot :)
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    Plugins is good! If add show all item player. I expected you will be able to early function.
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      Thanks for your review :) If you have questions or suggestions feel free to PM me.
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    Version: v1.1.5
    Very nice and easy to handle player shop plugin (addon). Thank you very much for it and please go on with your very, very good working!
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      Thanks a lot :)
  5. R_Josef
    Version: v1.1.4
    plugin is good ! but i can't change the English to Chinese in the massages.yml file. because if i change the English words to Chinese and save it, the plugin will create a new messages.yml file in the folder, then it has two messages.yml file in the folder, one is English other is Chinese, and Chinese will not display in the game. I hope you can fix the bug, thanks a lot !
    there are some image:
    1. Blackixx
      Author's Response
      First of all thanks for the review. Did you try renaming your modified messages.yml file to the real original file name? You can send me a Spigot PM if you still have trouble with it.
  6. FCRev
    Version: v1.1.2
    Quite possibly the coolest shop plugin out there. Only suggestion would be to add an ability for players to create listings in their shops who are looking to buy items. So a player could put up a listing looking to buy Iron Ingots, and players could click this listing, giving them money and taking away their iron ingots in their inventory.
    1. Blackixx
      Author's Response
      Thanks :) That is definitely planned.
  7. spudsrus
    Version: v1.0.7
    Decent plugin, Does what it says on the tin.
    Dev was helpful and responsive in fixing an issue with chat going through to the plugin for BungeeCord servers.
    Feature suggestion if it's not already on your todo:
    When players go to price an item in their shop, notify them of the average price that it's selling for.
    Possibly also have a way for players to see average price items are selling for.
    1. Blackixx
      Author's Response
      Thanks :) Additional features like a way to search a specific material through all shops are planned.
  8. Antrox
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    By far the best player shop plugin out there! It's extremely stable, easy to use, and even though it requires the Premium plugin "BossShopPro" its 100% worth your money!
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      Thanks a lot :)