PlayerSupport v1.0.0 for 1.11.2

PlayerSupport allows players to request help with a simple command.

  1. CodeHat
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.11
    Source Code:
    PlayerSupport allows players to request help with a simple command and to chat with admins or mods in a private chat.

    Current Features

    • Allows users to request a private chat with an admin or a supporter
    • Permissions support
    • Customizable chat messages
    • Full UUID support
    • Deny / Allow making support requests via command
    • Checks for Updates (can be disabled in the config)
    • English and German language support
    • Stable, rarely needs updates.
    Upcoming Features (Status)
    • Make suggestions in the comments
    Instructions (Please read them before asking questions!)
    1. Place the plugin into your /plugin folder.

    2. Give your players, supporters and admins the required permissions.

    3. Start the server and add supporters with the /sup add <player> command.

    4. That's it!

    Now everytime a player types /sup or /support all added supporters online on your server, are getting notified that player XYZ needs help.
    Players can revoke their request by typing /sup a second time.

    Supporters can accept his request with the /sup player <player> command. Immediately after this command the private chat between player and supporter starts. Both can exit the chat by typing EXIT. Keep in mind that your chat is private and no one else can read it or write into it. ;)

    To see if more players need help, supporters can use /sup or /sup list.
    If a player is already helped by a supporter, the list shows that you cannot help this player, because of the said occurrence.

    you can deny / allow denied players the usage of /sup by typing /sup deny<player> or /sup allow <player>. This is useful, if players are abusing this command to spam your supporters.

    For /sup you can alternatively use /support

    • /sup - Sends a helprequest as a player, and lists helprequests as a supporter.
    • /sup player <player> Accepts a helprequestn and starts the private chat.
    • /sup add <player> Adds a player to the list of supporters.
    • /sup remove <player> Removes a player from the list of supporters.
    • /sup deny <player> Denies a player to use /sup.
    • /sup allow <player> Allows a denied player to use /sup.
    • /sup info - Shows information about PlayerSupport.
    • /sup help - Shows a list of commands.
    • /sup reload - Reloads the config.yml.

    Access to all features.
    Allows you to request help.
    Allows you to support players (accepting helprequests).
    Allows you to see the plugin info.
    Allows you to see the help page.
    Allows you to reload the config file.
    Allows you to see the helprequests.
    Allows you to add supporters.
    Allows you to remove supporters.
    Allow you to deny player to use /sup.
    Allow you to allow player to use /sup.
    Allows you to see the update message upon joining.

    • PlayerSupport v1.0.0 is compiled with Java 8 for Spigot 1.11.2
    Bugs / Conflicts
    • If you have found a bug / an error, please contact me directly or
      create an issue on GitHub.
    • This Plugin is licensed under GPLv3.
    • You can find the source on GitHub here.
    • If you made a video about this plugin, write me a PM and I will post it here.
    • If you want to support me, you can donate here:
    • [​IMG]

Recent Reviews

  1. MeinCrafter_XY
    Version: v0.1 for 1.8.8
    Ich habe ein Problem die permission geht leider nicht (nur als op)
    1. CodeHat
      Author's Response
      Da die Permission bei mir funktioniert, vermute ich mal, dass du dich selber als Supporter eingetragen hast und dann den Befehl /sup eingeben hast. Falls das der Fall ist wird kein Supporter benachrichtigt, sondern die Liste der Spieler, die Hilfe benötigen, angezeigt, da du selber ja ein Supporter bist ;) Falls es noch Probleme geben sollte, schreibe mir eine PM.
  2. firelort
    Version: v0.1 for 1.8.8
    Simples, geniales und einfaches Plugin.
    Für jeden Server ein muss.
    So wird das Supporten zu einem Kinderspiel.

    Auf meinem Server sind Spieler und Supporter zufrieden

    Leider nicht Bungee Cord fähig aber für den Rest einfach genial.

    P.S. 10/10 would download again :)
    1. CodeHat
      Author's Response
      Schön dies zu hören ;)