PlayerTag 2.7

You can check, add, remove tags on players ! This is the perfect tool for staff !

  1. MrJeje
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Work on : 1.12.X | 1.11.X

    One day a staff got an idea..
    " A plugin that would allow staff to give players certain tags that would only show up in chat for staff members. For example, a tag for someone suspected of hacking, etc. "
    Well... Here we are!


    How to load
    To use this plugin, simply drag and drop it into your plugins folder, and restart your server! The config file will be auto generated!

    How to Use
    You just found a player on who you want to add a tag? Add it and here we go! The player has now a tag! You can check the tag of any players. No more big document with a list of all players on who you want to add a tag! (You know this list you have and you will never check because you're online?) You can check all players online who got tag(s) with one commande too! All in 1 plugin !

    Other info
    This plugin doesn't requires any other plugin to work !

    And more.. !
    You're lazy to do the command? Right click a player with a NameTag will show you if the player has tag or no! (you need the permission playertag.kit)
    You want to know if a player who just joined has tag(s) without any command ? It's possible! (you need the permission playertag.join)



    • These can't be run from console, only players!
    • Ops automatically have access to these commands!
    • /ptag
      • Permission:
      • Description: Show all Tag commands.
    • /ptag check [player]
      • Permission: playertag.check
      • Description: Check all the tags of a player.
      • Example: /ptag check MrJeje_
    • /ptag checkall
      • Permission: playertag.checkall
      • Description: Check all players online with tags
    • /ptag add [player] [tag]
      • Permission: playertag.add
      • Description: Add a tag to a player.
      • Example: /ptag add MrJeje_ xray
    • /ptag remove [player] [tag]
      • Permission: playertag.remove
      • Description: Remove a tag to a player.
      • Example: /ptag remove MrJeje_ xray
    • /ptag clear [player]
      • Permission: playertag.clear
      • Description: Remove all the tags of a player.
      • Example: /ptag clear MrJeje_
    • /ptag kit
      • Permission: playertag.kit
      • Description: Give you a special nametag
    • /ptag info
      • Permission: playertag.config
      • Description: Show settings of the plugin.
    (Other permissions/info who doesn't affect command) :
    • playertag.join Get a notification if player who join got tag(s) (only if this option is set on "true" in the config.yml file)
    • playertag.kit Get a notification when you right click a player with a NameTag. (Without the permission, you can't check players tag with a nametag, only command).
    • playertag.immune Immune a player against tag. Good when you don't want to get tags
    ( /playertag is an alias of /ptag. You can use it instead of /ptag )


    Absolutely none! All you have to do is drag the plugin into your plugins folder, reload/restart the server and it should work like a charm.


    • The tag appear next to the username when a player speak in public chat if an option set on true in the config.
    • Let the admin change the message in the config.
    • Add a permission to be immune against tag command
    • Change the message "the player isn't online" by the username of the player who were target by the command
    • Create a special kit with tools to checktag players in an other way than command
    • Some commands don't get answer if the result is null
    • Message the player if he doesn't have the perm.
    • Message the player if the command doesn't exist.

    I live in France, so if I don't answer your queries, I may be asleep! I also have school so my support time is incredibly limited too! :( Just be patient! ;)
    Link to report bugs and add suggestoins :

    - You are not allowed to claim this plugin as your own.
    - I may change the Terms of Service at any time, with or without warning, and you will still have to obey them.

    By downloading this plugin, or the source code if it, you are bound to agree to these terms.

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Recent Reviews

  1. SlimeTheDev
    Version: 2.1
    Good. Isn't working with Essentials. Maybe you can change the %prefix% with %pprefix% or smth. like that.
    1. MrJeje
      Author's Response
      Hi, sadly you posted the review before checking if I was able to fix your problem. Can you explain in the "discussion" part of the spigot project what exactly happen, with screenshot if possible, so I'm able to fix it. Because players with prefix or nicks with essentials still work for me. Lemme know what essentials you use too.
  2. mynameisandrew
    Version: 1.8
    Very nice lightweight plugin, will definitely use on my server. I could see things getting a little clustered on chat though, so many a command to toggle of the tags for a certain player?
    1. MrJeje
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review mynameisandrew! So you mean disable the possibiloty to tag a player ? Like a permission you give to someone and then you can't tag this player ?