PlayerTime (Offline Player / MySQL / BungeeCord / PlaceholderAPI Supported) 1.0.7-RELEASE

Checking a player's play time has never been easier. 1.13 Supported!

  1. 1.13 Support

    Went through and made sure 1.13 worked fine.

    Rewrite coming soon!
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  2. Fixed Ugly GUI

    I think I fixed the ugly GUI issue with this update!
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  3. GUI Fix

    Hey there,

    After having a report of issues where the GUI would break when too many players had data, it was throwing errors, which is not good!

    Well, it's been fixed.

  4. 1.13 Support

    This update adds support to 1.13!
  5. Text-Based Leaderboard

    Good Morning,

    I had a suggestion to make an option in the config to allow text-based leaderboard alongside the leaderboard GUI, which you can now choose in the config!


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  6. Top 10 GUI! Announcement system!

    Hey guys,

    Lots of cool stuff for you to enjoy in this update.

    - Implemented the announcement system (something for my end)
    - Implemented a GUI that's configurable in the config to your liking for top 10 times on the server
    - Added in a reload command so you can reload from in game



    #18 (Jul 21, 2018 3:35:15 PM)
    1. Push to 1.0.2-RELEASE and default prefix colors...
  7. MySQL support!

    Hello all,

    MySQL support has been implemented. This will also work on Bungeecord if you connect them all to the save database.

    I also changed the format to be universal. Supports days, hours, minutes, and seconds, also able to configure the way you'd like in the config.

    More to come soon!