PlayerTime 1.0

Adds to your server private time!

  1. Innos
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    Languages Supported:
    Polish, China
    Now, weather is not problem!
    All players with permission ptime.switch can change their time!

    ✔ Permissions

    ✔ Command usage

    /ptime <hour> <am/pm> or /ptime reset

    ✔ Configurable

    - 'privatetime'
    24-hour-format: false
    reset-weather-arg: 'reset'
    prefix: true
    prefix-message: '&c[&6PrivateTimeManager&c]'
    sender-is-not-player-message: '&cYou are not player!'
    non-permission-message: '&cYou dont have access to this command!'
    invalid-usage-message: '&cInvalid Usage! Usage: /ptime <hour> <am/pm> or /ptime reset'
    arg-is-not-integer: '&cOne of your arguments must be an integer!'
    argument-is-beyond-the-scale: '&cOne of your arguments is beyond the scale!'
    changed-time: '&aSuccessfully changed time!'
    reseted-time: '&aSuccessfully reseted time!'

    Polish messages:
    sender-is-not-player-message: '&cNie jestes graczem!'
    non-permission-message: '&cNie masz dostepu do tej komendy!'
    invalid-usage-message: '&cNiepoprawe uzycie! Uzycie: /ptime <godzina> lub /ptime reset'
    #If your have 24-hour-format, you don't need second argument <am/pm>. I removed it.
    #If you changed 'reset-weather-arg', Please change 'reset' to 'reset-weather-arg' value
    arg-is-not-integer: '&cArgument nie jest liczba calkowita!'
    argument-is-beyond-the-scale: '&cJeden z twoich argumentow wyszedl po za skale!'
    changed-time: '&aZmieniono czas!'
    reseted-time: '&aZresetowano czas!'

    China messages:
    sender-is-not-player-message: '&c这个指令只允许玩家在游戏中使用'
    non-permission-message: '&c没有权限使用此指令!'
    invalid-usage-message: '&c格式错误! 正确格式:: /ptime <hour> <am/pm> or /ptime reset' #如果开启了24小时制, 则指令无需选择<am/pm>.
    arg-is-not-integer: '&c参数错误,必须要用一个完整的数字!'
    argument-is-beyond-the-scale: '&c参数设置过大!请适当调小。!'
    changed-time: '&a成功改变时间!'
    reseted-time: '&a成功重置时间!'

    Translated by LingKun

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