PlayerTime 1.0.3

Track and reward players for playing on your server!

  1. NinjaWaffles
    Nitrofox0 (Graphics)

    • Track the amount of time players have spent on your server!
    • AFK Manager - don't count the time your players aren't doing anything!
    • Leaderboards - show your players the top players, or their average amount of time spent on your server!
    • Proximity Signs - tell any player within range of a special sign their amount of time spent online!
    • Permission-based Reward System - reward players for their time online, and give different groups different rewards with our special permission-based system.
    • Language Customization - modify anything we send to your players with our language file!
    • MySQL Support - save your player's data to a MySQL database, or in a local file.

    • /playertime (/pt) - Re-direct your users to the help page!
    • /playertime help - Shows all of the commands you can use with PlayerTime.
    • /playertime leaderboard <top/avg> - Shows the top players (sorted by time online), or your average amount of time online!
    • /playertime sign <add/remove> [name] - Adds a proximity-enabled sign with the specified name, or removes the proximity-enabled sign you're currently looking at.
    • /playertime givereward <player> <name> [override] - Gives the specified player the reward with the specified name. If the player already has the reward, and the override flag is not set (or is set to false), the player will not receive the reward again; however, if the override flag is set to true, the reward will be given to the player again.
    • /playertime time - Tells the player their total amount of time online.
    • /playertime reload - Reload the configuration.

    • - Grants access to the /pt help command.
    • playertime.leaderboard - Grants access to the /pt leaderboard command.
    • playertime.sign - Grants access to the /pt sign command.
    • playertime.givereward - Grants access to the /pt givereward command.
    • playertime.time - Grants access to the /pt time command.
    • playertime.reload - Grants access to the /pt reload command.

    1. Stop your server!
    2. Drag & Drop the "PlayerTime-{version}.jar" file into your "/plugins" directory.
    3. Start your server, and allow PlayerTime to generate its files.
    4. Stop your server again, and configure the plugin.
    5. Start the server again, and enjoy!

    The following is a detailed version of the config.yml present in PlayerTime:
    Code (YAML):

     # Set whether or not the AFK timer should be enabled.
    : true
      # Set the amount of time (in seconds) a user must be still
      # before he/she is considered AFK.
    : 10

     # Set whether or not all player data should be backed
      # up at a set interval.
    : true
      # If enabled, the amount of time (in seconds) that a new
      # backup will be performed. For example, if set to 30, then
      # a backup will be performed every 30 seconds.
    : 60

     # Set a list of commands that will be displayed when the player
      # executes the "/pt help" command.
       - "/pt [help] - Show the PlayerTime help page."
        - "/pt time - Show your total amount of time online."
        - "/pt leaderboard <top/avg> - Show the top players/your average amount online."
        - "/pt sign <add/remove> [name] - Add/Remove a proximity-based sign."
        - "/pt givereward <player> <name> [override] - Give the user the specified reward."
        - "/pt reload - Reload the PlayerTime configuration."

       # Set if we are using MySQL to store our players.
        # If set to false, the plugin will resort to flat-file.
    : false
         # The hostname for your database.
    : ""
          # The username for your database.
    : ""
          # The password for your database.
    : ""
          # The database in which to build the tables.
    : ""

     # Set if the sign proximity detector is enabled.
    : true
      # Set the distance the player must be away from the sign
      # before it will change to tell his/her time online.
    : 5
      # Set the format the sign will use when displaying the player's
      # time online. Each line in this node represents a line on a sign.
      # Please note that any messages over 15 characters will be snipped
      # to comply with Minecraft's built-in character limit for signs.
      # The following variables are available:
      #   - "%player%" (Replaced with the player's name)
      #   - "%time_online%" (Replaced with the player's total time, with the 'time-format' format.)
       - "%player%"
        - ""
        - "Time Spent:"
        - "%time_online%"
      # Set the format to be displayed on the sign for the time. Please use the following
      # variables when setting up the format:
      #   - '%d' (Days Online)
      #   - '%h' (Hours Online)
      #   - '%m'  (Minutes Online)
      #   - '%s' (Seconds Online)
    : "%m Minutes"

       # Set whether or not rewards are enabled on this server.
    : false
        # Set the amount of time (in seconds) that will pass before a timer
        # will check if the players online have any rewards pending, and give
        # it to him/her.
    : 10
       # Set the name of the reward. This will later be used when granting
        # the user with the permission to receive this reward. For example,
        # if this node is set to 'default', you must give the player the
        # permission node 'playertime.reward.default' to receive this reward.
         # Set the amount of time (in seconds) that the player must be online
          # before he/she is eligible for this reward.
    : 60
          # Set a list of commands will be executed when the player receives this
          # reward. You may use "%player%" in replacement of the player's name.
           - "say %player% has been online for 1 minute."
    : 3600
           - "say %player% has been given a diamond sword for being online for 60 minutes!"
            - "give %player% diamond_sword 1"

    Additional Information:
    • The backup manager only works when using flat-file storage.
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