PlayerTutorials 0.1.8

PlayerTutorials allows you to create a custom tutorial showing off your server to new members!

  1. drew6017
    (Author) drew6017
    The hardest part about joining a new server is learning how the admins have it set up. PlayerTutorials solves this problem in a very fun way with the introduction of custom tutorials that players can be sent to upon joining the server or via commands. PlayerTutorials can be used to display rules, show players where to go, or even just tell them a little about the server. You can find this plugin on Bukkit HERE.

    Update Log (0.1.8)
    • ✔ Cross version compatibility! PlayerTutorials is now compatible with all 1.8.X versions of Minecraft.
    • Automatic Tutorial On Join - Automatically send players to the tutorial when they join the server! This can be disabled in the config.
    • 1.8.X Support - PlayerTutorials as of version 0.1.8 supports all versions of MC! Making it very convenient.
    • Completely Custom Messages - Unlike most plugins, PlayerTutorials does not have a prefix for every message advertizing the plugin. This makes it seem like it is custom just to the server.
    • Multiworld Support - Teleport players between worlds to show them around the server at every possible angle!
    • Full Color Code Support - Every message that is configurable supports color codes using the "&" symbol(except the config which uses the ";" symbol).
    • Custom Timing - Change the amount of time a person is at a certain point before they are teleported.
    • Command On Tutorial Completion - Want to give a player an item, money, or even even coins from your own plugins? Now you can. When the tutorial is finished, you can set it to execute a command that can be from any plugin.
    • Command On Tutorial Completion - Want to give a player an item, money, or even even coins from your own plugins? Now you can. When the tutorial is finished, you can set it to execute a command that can be from any plugin. NOW WITH THE ABILITY TO ADD AS MANY COMMANDS AS YOU WANT!!! You could have over 10,000 commands in the config and it would still work.
    • Most Custom Plugin In The World! - Nearly every feature in PlayerTutorials is configurable! This adds for a truly unique experience that gives players the feel of a major network, but without the cost of hiring custom developers.
    • 1.8 Title/Subtitle/Action Bar Title support!!! - Make your tutorials and server look even more professional than ever with the addition of titles!
    • Welcome Messages! - Want to give players a warm welcome or tell them about some news that is happening on the server. Now you can! You can have up to 5 welcome messages saved at the same time. You can even set them to have one randomly selected so that they stay interested.
    • Automatic Updates! - Once you download PlayerTutorials, you never have to again. Each time a new version is released, the plugin is downloaded and installed.
    • /pt - Multipurpose command for PlayerTutorials
    • /pt help - Lists all available commands in PlayerTutorials
    • /pt createt - Allows a player to create and set a custom tutorial for new players
    • /sendtot - Allows a player to be sent or join your tutorial
    • /pt setPointt - Sets a point for the tutorial to teleport players too from your current location
    • /pt setMsgt - Sets a message to send players when they reach this point. This message is set to your default working point(the one you just created).
    • /pt setOnPointt - Changes your current working point
    • /pt resett - Resets your tutorial
    • /pt savet - Saves your tutorial and finishes the process
    • /pt settitle - Sets a large 1.8 title to your current working point
    • /pt setsubtitle - Sets a medium sized 1.8 title to your current working point(requires the large title in order to display)
    • /pt setactiontitle - Sets a small 1.8 title to your current working point that is displayed right above your action bar
    • /pt createw - Creates a welcome message in one of 5 slots
    • /pt savew - Saves the welcome message you are creating
    • /pt deletew - Deletes a welcome message
    • /pt settitlew - Sets a title to your current welcome message
    • /pt setsubtitlew - Sets a subtitle to your current welcome message
    • /pt setactiontitlew - Sets a action bar title to your current welcome message
    • playert.create - Allows a player to create and set a custom tutorial for new players(only work on one tutorial at a time)
    • playert.join - Allows a player to join your tutorial
    Config File
    View at

    Known Bugs
    No Known Bugs. Please report them if you find any. Thanks!

    Upcoming Updates/Suggestions
    • PlayerTutorials manager! A custom entity that when right clicked sends you to a tutorial
    • Ability to create larger messages by putting them in a text file.
    • Total movement cancel. This will cancel all movement by the player instead of the current way that makes them jump back to where they were.
    Things That Are Going To Be In Next Update
    • Unknown
    Want something to be added? Have a suggestion? Feel free to write a comment below!

    Donation Info
    Like the plugin? Please consider donating so I can create even better and even more plugins for you guys! You can donate by clicking HERE.
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Recent Reviews

  1. star5426
    Version: 0.1.8
    The plugin is without a doubt not as customized as advertised but that doesnt mean it isnt good. It does what it says and you can create a very nice looking tutorial with it, with that said it seems a lot like a in dev plugin and lacks refinement or a good guide on how to use it (with that said it didnt take me too long to figure out it measured in ticks). Its just that a in dev plugin that doesnt blow your mind but doesnt glitch all the time. Id personally recommend it but there are a few major things that without a doubt needed to be added for a 4 star review. Currently (unless its hidden away) you cant edit a tutorial once its created. so you need to do it all in one go without logging off or reloads. And if it ever needs to be edited down the line you have two options, make a new tutorial or figure out how the plug saves tutorial files and edit them there.
  2. titivermeesch
    Version: 0.1.8
    Plugin don't work correctly. The teleport bugs in 1.9, the titles make errors in the console and you can only make one tutorial. I hope all those problems will be fixed soon.
  3. KenYeung
    Version: 0.1.8
    A Great Tutorial Plugin!!! But can you add an option that can let players look around during the tutorial in config?
  4. FlappyBird97
    Version: 0.1.8
    The only thing is the [PlayerTutorials] prefix when ending a tutorial if this end message could be disabled or the prefix can be customized it will be a perfect plugin ;)
  5. Tyro60
    Version: 0.1.8
    The plugin works amazingly. Other than the fact in the features it says "Fully custom messages" whereas, you can't edit the messages at all, and the [PlayerTutorials] prefix is still in the chat.
    1. drew6017
      Author's Response
      The only messages not editable are the ones displayed to staff people performing setups. This is because these high ranking people on the server deserve to know what is doing what.
  6. ActimelPL
    Version: 0.1.8
    The only flaw of this plugin is that it is throwing an error during PlayerInteractEntityEvent, which is kinda frustrating. Good work though.
  7. Yupie
    Version: 0.1.8
    A great concept which only partially works...

    1) An error is thrown each time someone right clicks another player. This gets really annoying...
    2) Titles and subtitles did not work on my setup. I could only send text messages.
    3) The plugin is limited to only one tutorial.
    4) There should be more customization to sounds, messages etc.
    5) When players switch worlds, they get set to survival on my server. PlayerTutorials doesn't set them back to Spectator and they are able to interact witht he surroundings.
    6) The author never responds and seems to be inactive

    Luckily, the resource is free. But I loved the concept and I really think it would help a lot of people.

    If the author updates the plugin and fixes all the issues, I'll redo my review...
  8. Marco14
    Version: 0.1.8
    The plugin works fine and i love it but you can only make ONE tutorial. Add the possibility to do multiple tutorials and i'll rate 5/5
  9. ooappleduckoo
    Version: 0.1.8
    Hi there!
    I really like this, but if you set a reward, can players get the reward multiple times? Or would it just be a one off thing? Also can you add a tutorial edit? because I had to do it twice because I made 1 mistake. If this all was fixed i would really appreciate it :)
  10. Golicraft
    Version: 0.1.8
    so it not work with 1.7 1.8 patch :(


    If it do im being so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!