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Easy usage to hide players

  1. CoryDoesGaming
    Hello, I'm CDGOfficial(On the Bukkit forums, aha)

    I am bringing back my plugin, but here instead, I'm going to use the same caption as I did on the Bukkit page(

    == Information ==
    So, this is my first ever released plugin. I've always wanted to release my own plugin, I have many coded but not 100% at my best, this took me about, 2-3 days with minor breaks whilst it was in development stages. :3
    == Plugin Information ==
    This plugin is a basic plugin which will allow your players to use a clock to hide players or show players, it effects the tablist too, the player will STILL remain visible to other players if they have the 'show players' enabled.
    == Questions.. ==
    Q: Can I change the item?
    A: As of now, no.
    Q: Is it possible to hide specific players?
    A: No, but I'm working on a command to do something like /hide <player> - which will hide a player that is annoying on.
    Q: How useful is this plugin?
    A: I'd say on a scale of 1-10, 8. Because it'll not only help the player to find it physically easier to navigate themselves around, but it'll also allow the players FPS to be increased so not so many player entities are being shown. :D
    == Hi! ==
    I'd just like to say, I'm glad to be apart of the SpigotMC Development community now :3

Recent Reviews

  1. LittleDogHead
    Version: 1
    I gave this a 4 Star rating. It is considerably a very good plugin. But just a few suggestions. Please add so you can change the item, and the item name and lore. Thanks! If you add these features I will definitely give a 5 Star!