PlayerWarps 1.2.1

Broadcast a message that, when clicked, will warp players to you!

  1. notjacob1
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    Source Code:
    /pw -create (message you want to send in warp); creates a warp, given you are allowed
    /pw -admin close (id); closes warp with the given id
    /pw -admin closeall; closes all open warps
    /pw -admin reloadconfig; reload the configuration
    /pw -admin resend (id); resends the warp message for the warp with that id
    /pw -list; lists all active warps
    /pwtool; get the creation tool
    /pw -msg (username) (message); send a player warp as a private message
    /warpplayer (id); warps sender to warp with that ID
    /joinwarpchannel (id); joins the alerts channel for warp with that ID

    playerwarps.admin - all commands
    playerwarps.create - create warps
    playerwarps.limit.bypass - bypasses limit for warps at one time per player
    playerwarp.tool - permission to get and use the tool
    playerwarps.create.msg - permission for /pw -msg

    Alerts channel for the creator of a warp that sends a message every time a player warps
    Clickable warp message for easy access
    ID system to close warps and resend warp messages
    Auto timeout system that closes a warp after the specified time in config.yml

    Limit system that limits the amount of warps a player can have at one time (config.yml, bypassable with permission)

    For support or bug reporting, leave a comment in the discussion page of this plugin and I will try to get back to you asap

Recent Updates

  1. Various bug fixes
  2. PlayerWarps [1.2.0]
  3. Fixed bugs, added features