PlayMoreSounds | Assign multiple sounds to player events! Alpha 2.4.0 PreRelease-1

Multiple sounds per event | Interval before playing | Per chat-word sounds | Loop region sounds

  1. 2.4.0 Pre1 - Back in business!

    Warning: You are about to download an ALPHA build of the plugin. This build may not be stable and bugs may show up or even damage your previous settings. It is recommended that you backup your settings before installing this version on your bukkit server. Remembering: this version contain new additions that are still incomplete, so as not to mess up your server it is recommended that you disable all the new stuff on config.

    Alpha versions are a...
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  2. 2.3.1 Stability update.

    • Added compatibility with the last version of UltimateChat;
    • Added CraftingExtract event;
    • Now the configurations will only reload when you type the "/pms reload" command;
    • Changed "ListCMD_SoundsColor" string to "ListCMD_Color";
    • Fixed PerGamemodeSounds which was working very strangely;
    • BugFix: BedLeave event was not recognizing the "NONE" sound;
    • BugFix: Channels.yml was not being generated when...
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  3. 2.3 Radius Update

    • Updated resource icon;
    • Updated plugin API (New enum configuration and new ToggleSoundsEvent);
    • Added PlayerFlight event to sounds configuration;
    • Added PlayerFlightStop event to sounds configuration;
    • Added Radius setting to sounds configuration: If the radius is -1 (for compatibility issues), the sound will only be played for the player who made the event. If it is 0, the sound will be played for all online...
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  4. 2.2 Legendchat Compatibility, Noteblock Notes and Critical BugFixes.

    • Added World-BlackList setting to configuration;
    • Added playmoresounds.sounds.join.listen and playmoresounds.sound.leave.listen permissions that allows players to listen to the join/leave sound;
    • Added noteblock notes to sounds configuration: Use "Note." plus the noteblock instrument plus ";" plus the note. You can use this in PerThingSounds too;
    • Added compatibility with my custom...
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  5. 2.1 New Events, Settings and Commands

    • Added PerGamemodeSounds;
    • Added "<heart>" variable to ArrowHit message;
    • Added "/pms restore" command to rsestore your configuration;
    • Added "/pms confirm" command to confirm something;
    • Added ConfirmOutdatedFileRestoration setting to configuration;
    • Added Volume to "ToggleSounds" configuration;
    • Added Volume and Pitch to "ReloadSound" configuration;
    • Added PlayCommandDefaultVolume setting...
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  6. 2.0 a LOT of things.

    • Added RegionEnter event to sounds configuration;
    • Added RegionLeave event to sounds configuration;
    • Added PerCommandSounds: You can choose a command and give a sound to it;
    • Added compatibility with RedProtect:
      When you enter a region, the "RegionEnter" sound is played. When you exit a region, the "RegionLeave"...
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  7. 1.9 Missing settings

    • Now the plugin sends a message to OP Players if the plugin have an update available;
    • Now the plugin is compiled with Craftbukkit instead of Spigot for better compatibility.
    • Now the plugin checks for updates every 10 minutes (Can be changed in configuration);
    • Now the plugin does not update if the update version is smaller than the current version of the plugin. (Important for anyone who downloads on the spigot page);...
  8. 1.8.2 99% bug free!

    • BugFix: If vanish is true and the hook with Essentials is false, the plugin still cancels the teleport particles. Fixed;
    • BugFix: The MC 1.7 configuration did not generate the new booleans of version 1.8.1;
    • BugFix: "Essentials hooked" message was not being sent;
    • Added compatibility with VanishNoPacket.
  9. 1.8.1 Bug Fixes

    • Added "SendOnHitMobs" to ArrowHit messages configuration;
    • Added CommandAutoUpdate configuration;
    • BugFix: The plugin was seting the join and leave messages to null if the "SetQuitMessage" and "SetJoinMessage" setting was enabled and "JoinServer" or "LeaveServer" was disabled;
    • BugFix: Very large decimal numbers sent in the ArrowHit message so now they are only natural numbers;
    • MessageFix: "Messages.yml restored"...
  10. 1.8 Per Event Messages update!

    • Added Per Event Messages
    • Added messages.yml
    • Added new permissions to plugin.yml
    • Fixed wrong configuration at first plugin loading
    • Fixed folder organization that from 1_7_2 changed to 1_7_9
    • BugFix: The sounds.yml file was not reloading
    • BugFix: Languages were not reloading
    • BugFix: ArrowHit, PlayerHit and SwordHit were not playing for iron golens and snowmen
    • BugFix: Some...