Playstyles (souper/survivalist/potioner) 1.1

Combines the 3 most played playstyles to 1.

  1. NikiPlays
    Whats the plugin about?
    The plugin combines the three playstyles: soup pvp, normal pvp and Pot pvp.
    Its so balanced that each playstyle is equally strong. So you can fight as a souper against a survivalist and no one has an advantage.

    The Playstyles:

    Soup PvP

    You can insta-eat mushroom stew to heal.
    Command: /souper
    Normal PvP
    As a Survivalist you have 6 rows of hearts.
    Command: /surviver

    Pot PvP

    As a Potioner you have the abilitie to heal yourself with potions. You also get 2 additional Speed pots.
    Command: /potioner


    Hope you like ist :)
    See ya soon!