Playtime [Bungee & Bukkit] 1.0

A plugin that tracks players in-game

  1. Arnie
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    Ever wanted a plugin that tracks a players minutes? Especially one that tracks per server for Bungee networks? Then this is the plugin you need!

    ➡ Nice Formatting
    ➡ Bungee Supported (Total minutes and per server)
    ➡ AutoReset (Disable/Enable an auto minute resetter monthly)
    ➡ Manual Reset (Reset players minutes manually)
    MySQL REQUIRED (This plugin will not work without a SQL!)

    1.) Turn off the server completely
    2.) Drop the "Playtime.jar" in the plugins folder
    3.) Turn on the server and then turn it off again
    4.) Go to the configuration folder "Playtime"
    5.) Configure the MySQL Information
    6.) Go into the file
    7.) Change the "Server-Name" option to what you want
    8.) Start the server!
    * If you want to make any changes, stop the server first
    ** The server names in the hover message are the names

    For Bungee Networks, put the plugin in each server and connect it to the same database. (Make sure to name each server differently!)

    ➡ /Playtimereset <Player> (Reset a players playtime)
    ➡ /Playtime <Player> (Displays another players playtime)
    ➡ /Playtime (Display your own playtime)

    ➡ Playtime.Self (Ability to use /playtime)
    ➡ Playtime.Others (View other players playtime)
    ➡ Playtime.Reset (Ability to use /playtimereset)



    Contact me:
    Discord: xBenz#9703
    Spigot: @Arnie
    If you want a custom change to the report or extra feature, message me and we can discuss it.

    Thanks, but please do not post any issues as a review! If you have any issues, please private message me them either though Spigot or Discord!

Recent Reviews

  1. zedannyboi
    Version: 1.0
    does not work
    it tried to load but it errors out
    when you do /pl it comes up as a red tag
    1. Arnie
      Author's Response
      Read the instructions please