Playtime Rewards 2.1

Let your players earn in-game currency by being on the server!

  1. Protocol_7
    Protocol_7, Drew1895
    Want to reward your players for playing on the server, look no further! A fully open-source, libre, and configurable plugin that gives you control over who earns what, including multiple permissions to differentiate between donors and non-donors.
    • AFK detection
      • Less prone to anti-AFK glitches such as infinite water pools.
      • Less strain on the server by using less event handlers.
    • Payout system
      • Regular rate permission: playertime.earn.regular
      • Donor rate permission: playertime.earn.donor
    • Commands to reload the configuration
      • /pr reload

    Licensed under GPLv3. Source:
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Recent Reviews

  1. Anarchy
    Version: 2.1
    For some reason adds 6 extra zeros at the end when giving money. So I put 3000. and it says you receive "3,000.000000" Which is weird.

    "/pr reload" doesn't work at all. All around it's not a terrible plugin but I'm not gonna use it anymore until it's fixed.

    Also, Like everyone before me has mentioned, Be add ability to change the display message. It's seriously needed.
  2. GunnerElite
    Version: 2.1
    Good plugin, does some things better than most.

    Doesn't let you change much at all.

    I do like the AntiAFK on this one, but seems there isn't enough config settings.

    - displayed messages in config file, changeable.
  3. TheUprising
    Version: 2.0
    A couple of requests >>

    - Commands [like cr give (player) 1 or if they are a donator cr give (player) 2]

    - Messages (>> You are 15 minutes away from a reward)
    (you are 45 minutes away from a reward)

    - Booster (permission.booster.2 or permission.booster.3 makes it 200% or 300% faster to receive a prize.

    - Command (/playertime remaining to check how long it will take till next prize)

    Thanks for reading this. Sorry for the long review

    PS. dont respond here! PM me. if you respond I cant change my review to 5 start!!!!