PlayTimeLimiter 0.35

PlayTimeLimiter limits the amount of time players can spend on your server.

  1. malgm
    UnoModding, RyanTheAlmighty

    Have you ever wanted to put a limit on how long a player can play on your server? If you have, you're in the right place!

    With PlayTimeLimiter you set an amount of seconds a player gets initially, plus the set amount seconds they get in a day, when they run out they will be kicked, time will continue throughout days.

    Bundled with PlayTimeLimiter, comes a range of commands to use (as an admin, and as a player).

    Commands (aliases are 'playtime' and 'pt')
    • /playtime start
    • /playtime stop
    • /playtime check [player]
    • /playtime add <player> <seconds>
    • /playtime remove <player> <seconds>
    • playtimelimiter.playtime.start
    • playtimelimiter.playtime.stop
    • playtimelimiter.playtime.check.self
    • playtimelimiter.playtime.check.others
    • playtimelimiter.playtime.add
    • playtimelimiter.playtime.remove
    Credits and Links
    Forked from, NoPlaySoLong made by RyanTheAlmighty.
    Canary version, CurseForge.
    Source code, GitHub.

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