PlayTimeRewards 2.2.0

Reward players for hours of play & daily joins!

  1. The API

    It's the update you've all been waiting for :D

    Sorry about the HUUUUUUUUGE delay, I've been extremely busy lately with exams etc. and haven't had much spare time therefore I was unable to do much work on PTR. I'm now moving on to fixing the 5 crashes reported since 2.1.4, then I'll work on the group rewards addon I promised, then I'll start work on the message commands without the [Server] and [console -> me] prefixes. Then I'll do mysql support and finally I'll add bungee support (will require me to finish setting up bungee cord for my server first so I can test it)

    Btw I'm happy to release the source of this plugin if u guys want, just tell me what you think!
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