PlayUHC 1.7.0

Bukkit plugin to automate ultra hardcore game on a dedicated server

  1. Version 1.6 (Deathmatch arena, color code support, time list, improved stability)

    Released version 1.6 with many requested features, will be available for download today as soon as Bukkit staff validates it, see the changelog when available :
    Such as :
    Added : color codes support in lang.yml
    Added: time limit (see config time-limit.enable AND time-limit.limit)
    Added: deathmatch arena support (see config end-with-deathmatch , needs WorldEdit and arena.schematic)
    Added : delay teleports of players at startup (delay each team by 25 ticks)
    And many more ....

    Developped against Spigot 1.8, but works perfectly for 1.8.3 too
    I will make an official 1.8.3 version as soon as the option is available on

    There are still things on the todo list such as title,custom sounds, that are not in 1.6.
    I didn't want to make you wait longer so you can enjoy the great new features right now. The other minor ones will come later.
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