Please | Most RANDOM Plugin! 1.0

Most RANDOM Plugin with wierd simple features!

  1. Bo0ked61
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
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    This is an extremely RANDOM plugin where I am just testing my code and I thought I would upload it as a project; because why not?!

    This plugin has some special commands and interesting events that will spam your chat :)

    - /feed | - Feeds yourself to full feed
    - /gmc | - Changes gamemode to Creative
    - /gms | - Changes gamemode to Survival
    - /die | - Not what you think... As I said... It's random!
    - /please | - Doesn't do anything special... does it?
    - /helpplease | - All commands

    Enjoy! Please rate it! Source code will come out if anyone replies.
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    This is the GitHub if you want to download it from there!


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