Plexecute 1.0.0

Player execute other plugin commands

  1. The_Mad_Pillow
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    Languages Supported:
    ver1.13 and later, it became clear that the "execute" command can no longer execute commands other than vanilla.
    Example: (run CrackShot commands)
    Before 1.12: success run
    Code (Text):
    /execute @a[r=5] ~ ~ ~ shot give @p weapon
    1.13 and later: can't run
    Code (Text):
    /execute as @a[distance=..5] run shot give @p weapon
    So simple code, I created something to execute other Plugin commands.

    Code (Text):
    /plexecute @Sender run <command>
    @Sender = Target executer (@a, @p, etc... It can set selector. example: @a[distance=..5] )
    <command> = The command you want to execute.

    Code (Text):
    /plexecute @a[distance=..5] run shot give @p wepon

    If the command to be executed does not support selector, it may not work well.
    In that case, it may be solved by introducing CommandHook.
    (I had this problem when I tried to run the CrackShot's command, but it was solved this)
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