PlotCheck 2.0.1

Designed to request plot checks easily, where the server owners can check the plots later.

  1. MegaGTAVMaster

    > Overview:

    PlotCheck is a plugin designed to request for plot checks easily, where the server staff can check the plots later or instantly, by using the built-in queue system. This plugin requires PlotMe 0.17 or higher as of the latest version.

    > Features:
    • Highly configurable, such as: max requests (per user), display size, broadcast messages.
    • Fast plot check request. Simply type a command.
    • Built-in queue system which allows to see which plots are currently waiting for a check.
    • Quick check. After checking a plot, you will be automatically teleported to another plot in queue. This behaviour can be disabled.
    • Bans. Prevents further requests from a plot.
    • Check history. Views who's plot was checked, by who and when.
    • Economy support.
    • Disable building in a plot when it's in queue.
    • More.
    > Compatibility & Requirements
    • Java 7 is required for this plugin to run. Java 8 is compatible.
    • Bukkit/Spigot 1.8 is required for this plugin to run. 1.7 will not work. If you still run a 1.7 server and plan not to update soon, please use v1.5.0. of the plugin.
    • This plugin requires PlotMe 0.13f as of v1.5.1.
    • This plugin requires PlotMe 0.15.x as of v1.8.0.
    • This plugin requires PlotMe 0.16.x as of v1.9.1.
    • This plugin requires PlotMe 0.17.x as of v1.9.6.
    > Commands & Permissions:
    • /pch: Shows the plugin version, authors, URL and help command. This command has no permissions.
    • /pch help (page): Shows what commands you can use with a brief description.
    • /pch request: Requests a plot check for the plot you're standing on. plotcheck.request
    • /pch cancel (all): Cancels a plot check for the plot you're standing on. plotcheck.cancel
    • /pch myqueue (page): Displays all of your pending requested plots. This command has no permissions.
    • /pch check: Checks the plot you're standing on. plotcheck.check
    • /pch ban: Prevents the plot you're standing on from further requests. plotcheck.ban
    • /pch unban: Allows the plot you're standing on to request again. plotcheck.unban
    • /pch tp: Teleports to the first plot in the queue.
    • /pch tpban:Teleports to the first plot in the ban list. plotcheck.tpban
    • /pch queue (page): Displays all currently pending plots. plotcheck.queue
    • /pch bans (page): Displays all currently pending plots. plotcheck.banqueue
    • /pch history (page): Displays the checked plots, along with who checked the plot and when. plotcheck.history
    • /pch clear [type]: Clears [type]. Can be everything, queue, bans, checks or config. plotcheck.reset
    • /pch modify (property/page) (value): Modifies the configuration file ingame with no need for a reload. plotcheck.modify
    • /pch reload (config): Reloads the plugin and configuration. If config argument is specified, only config is reloaded. plotcheck.reload
    • /pch checkupdate: Checks for an update. plotcheck.checkupdate
    • /pch testmessage [request, check, cancel, cancelall, all]: Sends you a message exactly how it would look like ingame from the config file. Testing purposes only. plotcheck.testmessage
    > Misc. Permissions:
    • plotcheck.bypasscooldown: Bypasses the request every x minutes feature.
    • plotcheck.userdefaults: The default permission set.
    • plotcheck.bypassqueuebuilding: Allows the building in a plot which is in queue.
    • plotcheck.receiveRequestMsg: Receives the request message.
    • plotcheck.receiveCheckMsg: Receives the check message.
    • plotcheck.receiveCancelMsg: Receives the cancel message.
    • plotcheck.receiveCancelAllMsg: Receives the cancel all plots message.

    > Metrics & Updates
    This plugin uses Hidendra's metrics system. The following data is collected:
    • Java Version;
    • OS Version;
    • Authentication Mode;
    • System Architecture/Cores;
    • Game Version;
    • Server Software.
    Metrics system can be disabled in the configuration file, along with the update check.

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Recent Reviews

  1. Konsider
    Version: 1.9.4
    Works really well and great for plot competitions! :D
  2. Drair
    Version: 1.8.4
    Nice resource man! Good updates
  3. MBon29
    Version: 1.8.2
    Great resource with fast updates. Works as described.
  4. MarkusV
    Version: 1.6.1
    Works like a charm. However, there are some stuff that I think would be good.. such as a permission to receive the message when a plot is marked requesting, checked or canceled.. it spams the chat a bit for non-staff players.
  5. MinecraftAdmin
    Version: 1.1.0
    Just what I was looking for! A must for competitive build servers! Thanks!