PlotGenerator 1.1

Generate WorldGuard plots from a schematic.

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    [​IMG] Made in Germany with love (and beer)

    This Bukkit plugin provides a custom world generator which you can use with plugins like Multiverse to generate a world by repeating a WorldEdit/MCEdit schematic. (It needs WorldEdit to load the schematics) This can be really useful if you want to generate a plot world which this plugin was developed for in the first place.

    It has the ability to automatically protect created plots with WorldGuard and you can automatically set the BUYABLE and PRICE flag either to use with your own region economy plugin or to buy it with the inbuild /buyplot command (needs Vault). It also supports PlotSigns to automatically create sell signs out of every sign found in the schematic! The teleport flag is also set to the south border of the region as an added feature, allowing you to teleport to it with the /rg tp <id> command!

    There are two ways to setup the generator: Via the generator id (-g PlotGenerator:testschematic in Multiverse) or a config setting for the world and using just -g PlotGenerator as the world's generator.

    2016-12-18_19.53.41_c.png 2016-12-18_19.56.08_c.png

    Setup via Generator ID
    You can define all settings of the generator directly via the id string of the generator. This will override any settings made for that world in your config!

    To create the same worlds as displayed below in the config section you would use the following commands (in Multiverse):
    Code (Text):
    /mv create test NORMAL -g PlotGenerator:testschematic,overlap=1,centerX=100,centerZ=0,regionId=%world%_plot_%number%,regionInset=5,regionMinY=40,regionMaxY=100,regionPrice=50
    /mv create mb_plotworld NORMAL -g PlotGenerator:config=test,schem=plot
    (You need to have the test section of the config defined, it wont use the generator of the test world!)

    As you can see you can just use PlotGenerator:schematicname without any special variable if you only want to repeat a schematic without any extra settings.​

    Setup via Config
    Define a section for your world in your config and then just set the PlotGeneratoras the world's generator. (E.g. with /mv create plot NORMAL -g PlotGenerator in MultiVerse) Entries here do not overwrite the world's generator settings set via the ID.
    Code (YAML):
    : # config for world test
    : testschematic # The name of the schematic
    : 1 # How much it should overlap (e.g. if you want odd roads)
    : # Where to start the schematics if you want to align it to some existin structures
    : 100
    : 0 # Can be ommited, defaults to zero
    : # WorldGuard region creation settings
    : %world%_plot_%number% # The id of the newly created region. %world% gets replaced with the world's name, %number% with the number of that region
    : 5 # How far away from the schematics border the region should start, use 0 to protect the whole schematic
    : 40 # The lower end of the region
    : 100 # The upper end of the region
    : 50 # Sets the buyable and the price flag
    : TestPlot # Sets the PlotSigns plot type
    : test # Use the settings of world test
    : plot # but use the schematic plot

    • /plotgenerator - plotgenerator.command
      Main plugin command, alias: /plotgen
    • /plotgenerator reload - plotgenerator.command.reload
      Reloads the config You may need to unload the world or restart your server for the changes to take effect!​
    • /plotgenerator buy [<id>] -
      Short: /buyplot [<regionid>]. Purchase the region that you are standing in (needs Vault). If you have the permission you can specify a region id.​


    Programming is time intensive and I would really appreciate your support!
    So if you can afford it or make commercially use of this plugin feel free to buy me a beer.

    Patreon with rewards: Patreon
    Ðoge: D7G4Svo7GTNHpuhjwUBj2k7qANnZHwYD4p
    BTC: 1EXMFRknc7kLwCmM1zf5LXNnPD4ihVCEhQ

    Other Resources
    This resource is distributed under the terms of the MPLv2.
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