PlotGuardian2.0 BETA 2A

Buyable and Sellable Plots

  1. DaddyEric

    I am re-working alot of code from the beginning of the development and please do not use this plugin on your server as I cannot guarantee that it will work properly with the code that was used.

    I will have an update shortly to fix all of these issues.

    PlotGuardian is a completely torn down and rewritten plugin that adds buyable and sellable plots to minecraft

    Unlike plotme you get to specify the regions using a Diamond Item just like you do worldedit and select the size, create any size cuboid and you can put it for sale.

    Provides Protection for
    Chests, Animals, Players, ArmorStands, Full Grief Protection for plots.

    Users can add members to their plots and then their friends will be able to break build and have access to all chests.
    If you wish to not allow access to certain chests a different plugin will work such as Lockette or LWC

    Admin Commands
    /plot create [name] [minz] [maxZ]
    - Creates a plot named [Name] with min height of minZ and max of maxZ

    - TODO - will be adding a better selection handler for this.

    /plot forsale [name] [amount]
    - places plot for sale and also places the sign for people to break to buy
    /plot offsale [name]
    - takes plot offsale
    /plot borders - doing this inside a plot will allow the person to create borders of brick and corners of glowstone along with fences as the perimeter of the plot.
    TODO - Get materials from Config for border types

    /plot delete [name]
    - deletes a plot

    /plot offsale [name]
    - removes plot from the sale list and should destroy the sign

    /plot warp [plotname]
    - if the plot is for sale or you are the owner or are a member of the plot then it will teleport you to the corner of the plot

    Player Commands
    /plot list - lists plots for sale
    /plot warp - if they are the owner, member or the plot is for sale user can warp to the plot!
    /plot listmembers [plotname] -lists who is member
    /plot addmember [username] [plotname] - adds a member to the plot
    /plot sales - returns pages of plots that are for sale
    /plot clear - dont really know what this does yet but its in there

    if you want to know more about the way this works look at the github

    You can define how many plots a user can have by specifying their group to have

    Code (Text):
          description: Gives all access to any plotguardian commands
          default: op
          plotguardian.admin: true
          plotguardian.admin.chestbypass: true
          plotguardian.admin.silentchests: true
          plotguardian.admin.clean: true
          plotguardian.admin.update: false
          description: Gives all permissions to the moderator
          plotguardian.mod.chestaccess: true
          plotguardian.mod.listall: true
          plotguardian.mod.bypass: true

          description: allows basic admin functions
          description: allows opening and modifying chests on others plots
          description: allows chests to be opened silently
          description: allows cleaning of unused plots from players who have not logged in for a long time
          description: allows updating of this plugin
          description: allows listing of all plots for sale
          description: allows mods to search for an owners name
          description: allows mods to warp to other peoples plots
          description: allows mods to open chests but not modify them
          description: allows users to warp to plots that they own
          description: allows users to claim plots that are cliamable
          description: allows users to de-claim plots that they own
          description: allows users to set their flags on their plots
          description: Allows users to claim multiple plots use 1-21
          default: true
    Got Armor Stands Methods working
    Armor Stands Info

    Sneak and Right Click an Armor Stand and it will tell you about the
    Items it is wearing as well as the Enchantments - Great for storing your items.
    Sneak and Right Click with a stick and it will tell you about the sword.

    Armor Stand Spawning
    Armor Stands now spawn into your plot with ARMS so you can put your sword and stuff in it.

    How To Buy A Plot
    do /plot sales and find a plot within your price range.
    do /plot warp [plotname]
    find sign that has [Plot] on it and break it
    if you have enough money you will become the owner.

    How to Sell A Plot
    Simply put a sign that says [plot] on the 1st line and the amount on the seconds line.

    How to make a Plot (Admins)
    Get a Diamond. go to the block you want on one corner and left click.
    Go to the block on the second corner you want and right click.

    Do /plot create [name] [heightlow] [heightmax]
    Example /plot create test 0 255

    if you want borders around the plot and it is level (which is suggessted)
    do /plot borders and borders with fence will be generated

    if you want to place the plot for sale
    do /plot forsale [plotname] [amount]

    PlotGuardian will place a sign automatically in the center at the highest block that says the plot and the price and the min and max specs etc.

    Just install it and find out its a good plugin.

    Source Code and Issue Tracker Located Here