PlotMe Animal 2014-09-04

PlotMe Animal Protect! (simple & lightweight!)

  1. re4ly

    PlotMe Animal
    PlotMe Animal Protect! (simple & lightweight!)

    • Only the owner of a plot can kill the animals on his plot
    • Make friends can kill the animals on your plot
    • Configurable monster, animals killing
    • Configurable horse bestride on roads
    • Disabled snowball/ fishing rod damage
    not implemented yet
    • Animals per Plot limit (not possible yet)
    • [..What features do you want?..]

    How to install

    1. Download the latest PlotMeAnimal.jar
    2. Put it in your plugins folder
    3. Start/ restart your server
    4. Enjoy the plugin!

    /pa add <name>
    Adds a player to your plot

    /pa remove <name>
    Removes a player from your plot

    /pa info
    Lists the added players

    Version Info

    /pa reload
    Reloads the config

    /pa i
    Alias to /pa info

    Alias to /pa


    Enable.playervsplayer: false
    Enable.horse_killing_on_roads: false
    Enable.mob_killing_on_roads: true
    Enable.monster_killing_everywhere: true
    Enable.bestride_horse_on_roads: true


    Description: bypass the plugin/ can kill protected animals/ can add players on all plots

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    Thanks for this awesome plugin zachbora!
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Recent Reviews

  1. NilsUSA
    Version: 2014-09-04
    This Plugin has helped solve one of the biggest problems on my Server! It works flawlessly, there is absolutely NO configuration to do.
    5 Stars!
    1. re4ly
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your suppor!