PlotMe [OFFICIAL] 0.16.3

The most popular multi-world plot management plugin.

  1. MBon29
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    ZachBora, MarkusV
    PlotMe is discontinued and no longer supported.
    PlotMe will return in Fall/Winter 2016
    Users are encouraged to use PlotSquared as a replacement. I am currently helping them fix bugs.
    We are Open Source!
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Recent Updates

  1. LegacyConverter and Other Fixes
  2. WorldEdit Fix
  3. Minor Updates

Recent Reviews

  1. nicolashc96
  2. Legoman99573
    Version: 0.16.3
    Those who are 1 starring because of BS reasons and expect updates, well you will never get an update. Migrate to PlotSquared FFS if you are not a 1.8 user.

    Free 5 stars as it was a good plugin back in the day.
  3. TheGamer7500
    Version: 0.16.3
    Bad. Really this Plugin crashes some Chunks of the Plotworld and "bans" player, who get into this broken chunks -.-
  4. kongkongye
    Version: 0.16.3
    It's easier than residence, and i like the generator it provides!
    i use it for a long time, so regret for not active any more!!!
  5. Fighter2000
    Version: 0.16.3
    This is a terrible plugin, I have not seen such a buggy plugin in a test phase and can not be generated normally because it deactivates the world itself and it does not detect this shit ..... do not fill it or add it.
  6. Redned
    Version: 0.16.3
    Best plot management plugin out there, no idea why the developer decided to stop working on it. Also I saw the small note thing saying this will return in Fall/Winter 2016. Not here yet....

    If you don't have time to run this plugin anymore, PM me and I can take over if you need me too.
  7. yiz46
    Version: 0.16.3
    I love this plugin so much, I use it years...
    please come back, I need you :'(
    I hope you will back soon, it's really good plugin.
  8. TheSijonara
    Version: 0.16.3
    "PlotMe will return in Fall/Winter 2016"

    I do not believe it?

    It was one of the best Plot Plugins.... but I want to update my Server
    and I will not wait any longer if you do not specify an exact date
    For the release of the hoped update...

    Just say yes or no to the further development of this plugin!
  9. GonzoDark
    Version: 0.16.3
    PlotMe is one of my all-time favorite plugins. I hope it will return with support for the latest version of Spigot someday soon. :-) Keep up the good work!
  10. Tlsslurp
    Version: 0.16.3
    I'm not sure what happpened but my server just had a 3 day downtime, world guard was failing to work and after 3 days of testing I found out it was this plugin. Never had any issues before but be forewarned!
    1. MBon29
      Author's Response
      What do you expect from an unsupported plugin that hasn't been updated in 1 year.