PlotMe [OFFICIAL] 0.16.3

The most popular multi-world plot management plugin.

  1. LegacyConverter and Other Fixes

    • Fixed Plot List Issue
    • Fix MySQL issue overwriting plots
    • Fix WorldEdit
    • Fix admin building permissions
    • Fix Plot Auto message
    • Fixed LegacyConverter
    Should be the last 0.17 bug fix update for now. Thank you everyone :)
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  2. WorldEdit Fix

    WorldEdit Hotfix and minor api change.
  3. Minor Updates

    • Fixed AsyncWorldEdit Compatibility
    • Added commandline option for everyone using LegacyConverter
    • Fixed expired cleanup always being toggled on and deleting protected plots
    • Added expired cleanup toggle in config (Default set to false)
    • Fix missing captions.
  4. LegacyConverter Fix

    Minor Update:
    Fixed Legacy Converter issue.
  5. Bug Fixes

    I would like to deeply apologize to all PlotMe users for all the bugs in 0.17
    I have worked non-stop to fix the bugs as fast as possible.
    • Fixed Commands
    • Fixed plot deny issue
    • Fix Missing Captions
    • Fix AsyncWorldEdit Compatibility (Don't use any of the special PlotMe versions. They don't work)
    • Fix plot home teleporting to the wrong location.
    • Fix plot deleting
  6. 0.17

    Full 0.17 changelog:

    Please read the ReadMe.txt file before upgrading to 0.17 in order to make sure your plots are preserved.
    The website will be updated shortly to make sure all the information is up to date.

    * Fixed Border issues
    * Fixed Sand cannons
    * Fixed ConcurrentModificationException
    * Fixed BucketEmptyEvent
    * Fixed Pistons
    * Fixed Owner signs not updating after a name change
    * Plot Auto lag
    * Building from outside of the plot
    * WorldEdit support FOR REAL.
    * PvP and Mob Damage...
  7. Database bug fix

    Fixes a database issue with SQLlite
    Partially fixes worldedit anywhere. This will be properly fixed in 0.17
    This release is compatible with all 0.16.X addons
  8. Bug Fix

    Fixed a database bug where it could not create or detect a table.
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  9. Bug Fixes

    • Console spam due to UUID's
    • Group owner issues, Groups can no longer be owners of plots.
    • Plot Border issues.
    • Possible chest issues.
    • Fix for plot sell sign
    All addon's from 0.16 are compatible with 0.16.1
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  10. Major Improvements

    • Fixed names not updating on plots.
    • Performance Improvements.
    • Lots of bug fixes. A bug fix list will be stated upon request.
    • Economy fixed.
    • Plot Move is extremely improved and more stable than it has ever been.
    • Plot Auto is now a lot faster...
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