PlotMe-Patch 1.0

Ever had a problem with illegal positions when using PlotMe? This plugin is for you!

  1. Realized
    PlotMe-Patch is a simple plugin that is used to block players teleporting to an illegal position with '/plotme tp' command. There were few servers that I've seen struggling with this problem, which is why I decided to submit this resource.

    - PlotMe


    Code (Text):
    # With default configuration, teleporting to a coordinates bigger than 1500 will be canceled
    # and the cancel message will display.
    # Example: With default configuration, '/plotme tp 1501;1500' will be canceled.
    # You may change it to whatever you like!
    max-x: 1500
    max-z: 1500
    on-cancel: '&cThat plot is too far away! :('

    Thanks for viewing/downloading my resource! If you're experiencing any problems, please PM me and I'll be glad to help you. :)

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