PlotMeChat 0.1

An addon for PlotMe Official!

  1. MFinityV
    Version 0.1 Supports PlotMe 0.16.3
    Dependency : PlotMe Official
    Click here to go to PlotMe Official page!
    Please be sure to have installed PlotMe before running this plugin otherwise it won't work.
    PlotMeChat is an addon for PlotMe Official, PlotMeChat is made to make your players able to local chat only in the plot their at!

    This plugin is intended to run on Spigot 1.7-1.8 let me know if it works on 1.8 or needs updating via PM!

    Commands and permissions:
    Code (Text):

    # Note that players wont be able to use or see the commands
    # that require the plotmechat.admin.
    Command: /pmc
    Description: PlotMeChat base command
    Permissions : None

    Command: /pmc version
    Description: Display plugin description
    Permissions : None

    Command: /pmc resetconfig
    Description: Reset config file
    Permissions : plotmechat.admin

    Command: /pmc resetmessages
    Description: Reset messages file
    Permissions : plotmechat.admin

    Command: /pmc reload
    Description: Reload configuration
    Permissions : plotmechat.admin

    Command: /local
    Description: Local chat with players in your plot
    Permissions : None

    Command: /global
    Description: Talk in global chat
    Permissions : None

    # Note that players wont be able to use or see localspy in the
    # PlotMeChat base command without the permission plotmechat.admin
    # or plotmechat.localspy.use.
    Command: /localspy
    Description: Spy on localchat
    Permissions : plotmechat.localspy.use or plotmechat.admin
    Remember to leave a feedback please as this is my first public plugin! Any issues in the plugin please PM me!
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Recent Reviews

  1. TwoKing5
    Version: 0.1
    This currently does not actually work I am not sure why, the commands will be "unknown" and there is no config in the files
  2. Legoman99573
    Version: 0.1
    Great plugin, but can this also support PlotSquared as well since plotme is dead. Keep up the dev, and if you give the support for plotsquared, then ill see if i can rate it 5.