PlotPlus v2.2.0

Set time and weather on your plot

  1. Mr_Kold
    With this plugin you can change time and weather on your PlotMe plot.Complete rewrite of the plugin / New "Bookmark" Command!

    Version for PlotMe 0.13 here


    /pp : To see the version
    /pp time set [time] : Set [time] on your plot (time is in ticks)
    /pp time reset : Reset time on your plot
    /pp weather rain : Set rain on your plot
    /pp weather reset : Reset weather on your plot
    /pp reload : reload the plugin (You need to have plotplus.admin permission)
    /pp rate XX : Rate the plot (XX is an integer between 0 and 20)
    /pp unrate
    /pp info
    : Get informations about the plot
    /pp like : Like the plot
    /pp bm save <name> : Bookmark the plot you are standing on
    /pp bm delete <name> : Remove a plot from bookmarks
    /pp bm list : List your bookmarks
    /pp bm tp <name> : TP you to the bookmark


    - plotplus.use : Allow player to use the plugin
    - plotplus.admin : Bypass plot owner verification (You can use it on other's plots)
    - plotplus.rate : You can rate or unrate the plot

    You can choose language by editing the config.yml file

    Let me know if you find bugs!

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Recent Reviews

  1. fire__rain
    Version: v2.1.0
    woool,so cool :)
  2. fire__rain
    Version: v2.0.2
    i use plotme 0.15 :(
    1. Mr_Kold
      Author's Response
      PlotPlus is now compatible with PlotMe 0.16 ;)
  3. DoogiePC
    Version: 1.3
    Great plugin! Please add support for plots coz the author doesn't respond to requests
  4. AndreiTheGiant
    Version: 1.2
    Awesome! Please develop more addons if you can.