PlotRankup 3.3.2

Plot approval and rankup system for PlotSquared

  1. Empire92
    Empire92, Citymonstret
    NOTE: Currently only updated to P2 3.3.2

    Plot approval and rankup system for PlotSquared

    PlotRankup is an addon for PlotSquared which allows server owners to automatically rankup players, or execute a set command when their build has been approved by a staff member.

    The plugin offers a queue system to keep track of builds which are pending for approval, as well as commands to quickly go through and approve or deny each build.

    There are optional checks that can be enabled to prevent abuse of the system. This includes a cooldown period before a build can be resubmitted or requiring a minimum number of blocks for a build to be submitted.

    You can setup a rank ladder in the config to easily promote a user to the next rank. Once this a plot has been approved it no longer counts towards your max plots.


    • Per world configuration
    • Easy to use plot approval, rankup and queue system
    • Rankup a user or execute a command when a plot is approved
    • Require a specific number of plots for a rankup
    • Configurable mapping of required plots to actions
    • Optional waiting period before a build can be resubmitted
    • Require a minimum number of blocks to submit a build
    • Prevent building in plots that are waiting to be approved
    • Approved builds do not count towards your max plots

    Useful links

    - Installation
    - Configuration
    - Commands
    - Permissions

Recent Updates

  1. 3.3.2
  2. 3.3.0
  3. 2.9.5

Recent Reviews

  1. XxXAdamXxX
    Version: 3.3.2
    Doesn't load :/ cannot open installation, configuration, commands nor permission links. Please fix asap, i really need it mate :(
  2. Crisis_Killer12
    Version: 3.3.2
    Terrible, plugin is completely broken. Settings.yml is not created, Plugin does not even function. Update is desperately needed.
  3. Gobli989
    Version: 3.3.2
    This is a good plugin and i want to use it on my server, but i have a problem!
    I can't load on my server with plugman or manually! BUT I WANT IT!!
    Plugman doesen't find the file or the plugin to load.
  4. MasonX3
    Version: 3.3.2
    I would really love to use this plugin, but the settings.yml just doesn't generate, I'm having the exact same issue as Ellielza, and have been trying to get the plugin working for quite some time, I have all the requirements and everything, but the plugin just doesn't seem to work, it even loaded into my server.
  5. DeanGreen
    Version: 3.3.2
    Nice plugin but not working on 1.10. update plz

    actions are not working and they can still build after approve.

    - rank1
    - rank2
    - rank3
    - rank4
    - rank5
    - rank6
    - rank7
    - 1:pex user %player% add essentials.enderchest creative
    - 1:pex user %player% add creative

    Its not working
  6. ChimpGamer
    Version: 3.3.2
    Great plugin works very smooth with no problems as far as i know! use it for a week now so i hope for more updates :)
  7. Ellielza
    Version: 3.1.7
    Sounds like a great plugin and something I would really love to use.
    However it doesn't seem to generate a settings.yml and there's no rank ladder anywhere. Can't seem to generate it no matter what I do.
    Looked up the issue I've found quite a few people asking but they always seem to be ignored.
    Hope the issue gets sorted or someone explains the way to fix it!
  8. Samaru
    Version: 3.1.7
    Excellent PlotSquared Addon, works perfectly, made our system 10x better considering Done list was extremely broken on PlotMe :)
  9. jerimu
    Version: 2.12.0
    Great plugin does what it says. Maybe a option for plot denied commands?
  10. VoidAngel
    Version: 2.9.5
    I love the idea of this plugin and I would like to use it on my server.
    I am running across one issue:
    The configuration is not generating as I would expect it to. I cannot find the ladder for each plotworld. I looked in both the plotrankup config and the plotsquared settings.yml.
    Im on version 2.9.5 and running spigot 1.8.7
    Can anyone show me an example configuration?
    I'm hoping that's all I need to get it set up c: