PlotSquared SG 1.0.0

PlotSquared standalone generator

  1. Empire92
    Citymonstret, Empire92
    Source Code: GitHub
    Authors: Citymonstret, Empire92
    Donate: PayPal
    (The standalone generator is new, so please tell me if you spot any issues)

    This plugin is a simple yet advanced plot generator. It supports schematic generation on top of it's highly configurable stock generator.

    PlotMe features
    - 0.15.x: download

    Use this generator instead of the PlotMe-Default generator for a whole range of improvements:
    - Near instant plot clearing (even on large plots)
    - Many other performance improvements

    General features
    - Optional schematic generation (see below)
    - Support for multiple top and plot fill blocks with percentage composition.
    - Lots of other configuration
    (Let me know if there's something else you want)

    Schematic example image:


    Navigate to "plugins/PlotSquared/config/settings.yml" to configure the plotworld. Downloading the plugin comes with an example settings.yml which you can base your worlds off of.

    Most of it should be fairly self explanatory, but I'll give you an example of percentage composition. Let's say we want the top of a plot to be 5% wood and 95% bedrock, here is an example configuration:

    Code (Text):

          height: 64
          - 5%5:0
          - 95%7:0
          - '1:0'
          biome: FOREST
          size: 32
          block: '44:0'
          height: 64
          block_forsale: '44:1'
          block_protected: '44:1'
          block_auction: '44:1'
          filling: '1:0'
          block_claimed: '44:1'
          block: '155:0'
          height: 64
          width: 7

    To create the world with Multiverse use:

    /mv create plotworld normal -g PlotSquaredSG
    Or with MultiWorld:
    /mw create plotworld plugin:plotSquaredSG

    If you do not have a multiworld plugin, you can manually add a world in the Bukkit.yml

    Adding schematics

    Adding schematics is fairly straightforward, but can be somewhat tedious if you want to build like 15 and see what each one looks like in a whole world.

    Adding a road schematic
    Generate a plotworld as usual then find some plot. Build the roads around this plot then execute the following command:
    /CreateRoadSchematic <worldname>

    Adding a plot schematic
    Navigate to the following directory: plugins\PlotSquaredSG\schematics\GEN_ROAD_SCHEMATIC\<world> You may need to create the directories if they do not exist (case sensitive).
    - Replace <world> with the name of your world

    Put a schematic called plot.schematic in the folder, then generate the world (see below).Note: the schematic pastes from the plot height defined in the settings.yml

    All new chunks will now generate with this schematic, however existing chunks will stay the same. To regenerate the entire map, go to your server root, then into the folder for the world and delete the "region" folder. Your server will need to be stopped to do this, afterwards you can start the server and all the chunks should be regenerated.

    If you want to convert an existing world to schematics, you will need to use the PlotSquared plot management system.
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Recent Reviews

  1. freddy0425
    Version: 1.0.0
    Not God
    Bugs much much much
    i /mv create plotworld normal -tg PlotSquaredSG
    the spawn not the image on the Side
    The spawn the Normal PlotWorld +
    I can not Claim Plots /plot auto or /plot claim BUG BUG
    i Have PlotSquared on
  2. Domini407
    Version: 1.0.0
    can't figure out how to set up my world yet, very unfriendly example, would be better if you explain every line on the example put a comment at least on every line..
  3. hideman
    Version: 1.0.0
    It's very good plugin, total personalize plotworld and very fast and no bug.

    Just detail I try it on Cauldron Server ( plugin and mod ) every block of mods in road schematic was replace to stone egg monster.

    So I view source code and I see you don't use worldedit for schematic, so can you make a generator with use worldetit for schematic because worldedit don't replace mod block.

    Same issue for rotate ( example mod carpenters block issue to rotate block ) block I think It's beter to keep choice use schematic sideroad or
    sideroad-west and sideroad-north.

    Details :

    Finally, I very like your plugin but same issues can be fixed easily for every server comparability.

  4. Scorpion
    Version: 1.0.0
    this screwed up more on the server then it should
    1. Empire92
  5. Aphex
    Version: 1.0.0
    te best
  6. coolfire02
    Version: 1.0.0
    1. Empire92
      Author's Response
      Yes, so is the whole PlotSquared system.