PlotSquared v4 - v5 out now! 4.4.495

The best plot plugin available for Minecraft.

  1. I-S
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    Source Code:
    Citymonstret, Empire92, MattBdev, dordsor21, NotMyFault
    Languages Supported:
    English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Korean, Chinese, Hungarian
    PlotSquared v5 is out now:
    This resource won't receive updates or support any longer.


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    The top world management plugin!

    By Citymonstret & Empire92 & MBon29 & dordsor21

    Support us on Patreon
    PlotSquared requires Fawe or WorldEdit to work.

    If you need PlotSquared for 1.8 - 1.12.2 please read below:
    • The version downloadable from this page is for > 1.13 and above only <
    • To download PlotSquared for > 1.8-1.12.2 < visit
    • Select > Spigot 1.8-1.12.2 <
    • Versions below 1.13 are classified as legacy and receive no support. If you discover an issue, file a pull request on GitHub which fixes the issue and we will merge it. We are no longer actively fixing issues in the legacy version, because lots of them are fixed in the current, supported, version.
    What is PlotSquared?
    PlotSquared is a land and world management plugin. It includes several highly configurable world generators. You can create plots of land in existing worlds using plot clusters, or you can have a full world of plots.

    Conversion to PlotSquared is automated
    • See here for PlotMe conversion. (Not supported in 1.13 or later)
    • See here for Plotz conversion. (Not supported in 1.13 or later)
    PlotSquared is not just for creative servers
    • Survival servers: We have a "town" template included with the plugin, or create your own using /plot setup
    • Are you a programmer? Use it to manage minigames. Clear arenas async, and manage plots using the plot cluster API.
    • The legacy version is also being used on Forge servers such as Pixelmon.
    Fast, scalable and efficient
    • Asynchronous plot clearing is a lot faster than PlotMe and improves upon PlotMe in many ways.
    • Asynchronous world generation using PaperMC
    • Works with hundreds of thousands of plots, or mega sized 2K x 2K custom terrain plots, with many functions built specifically for mass plot management.
    • Plot condensing and world trimming can drastically reduce the size of the world on disk
    • Powerful plot analysis and auto clearing mean you can further remove low quality plots
    • Legacy support for Bukkit 1.7 - 1.12, Sponge, and Nukkit (MCPE)
    • Updated support for Bukkit 1.13
    • Support for offline mode servers (We do not condone the use of the plugin on cracked servers)
    • Community translations for several languages (may be outdated but updates are welcome)
    • In built plot downloading + cross server saving and loading + some optional web interfaces.
    • Plot swapping / copying and cross world plot moving
    • Plot merging, your own plots or between friends
    • Extensive flag system so you can decide what should be protected on a per world, or per plot basis
    • Plot entry notifications / per plot time / weather / music etc with the flag system
    • Add custom roads to existing maps to make them look nicer
    • Configure additional messages however you want
    • Dynamic world border to prevent excessive exploring
    • Mob protection and per plot mob limiting
    • Interactive commands such as plot listing
    • Plot rating, ranking, complexity analysis, and auto clearing calibration
    • Use javascript to add new commands or script simple things like auto merging all plots
    • Plot schematic saving, loading and pasting
    • Per player settings such as plot chat and entry notifications
    • World creation either with multiverse, /plot setup, or manual yml configuration
    • Plot commenting and inboxes
    • World auto trimming which reduces the CPU and disk usage when people explore
    • Pistons and Sand/TNT cannons are properly restricted
    • Per plot redstone settings + plot redstone disablers
    • Optional fast async worldediting
    • Restrict the use of WorldEdit and VoxelSniper to plots only.
    • Chunk processing to safely unload dangerous chunks (also processes WorldEdit commands)
    • Component setting (floor, wall, border)
    • Section off areas (e.g. an area for donors) with plot clusters, or add plot clusters to vanilla worlds
    • Use holograms instead of signs if you want (HoloPlots addon)
    • Four tiers of plot allowance: Owner, Helper, Trusted, Denied
    • Plot naming (for teleportation)
    • Configurable command confirmation (e.g. for /plot clear)
    • Manage islands, skyblock, vanilla worlds, or certain sections of worlds as plots
    • A lot of generators, and settings to choose from
    More Info
    Official addons we created:


    Useful plugins (third party):
    Video tutorials:

    Schematic Road Generation

    Plot Downloading
    • Just use /plot download
    • Cross server "/plot save", "/plot load" and "/plot schematic paste url:<value>"
    • See addons above for additional web interfaces

    Plot Merging
    • Use commands or enable auto merging
    • Merge plots and build with friends
    Easy In-Game Setup
    • Use /plot setup
    Combine generators; with or without roads...
    • click here for tutorial
    • Generate using any generator you want e.g. Normal terrain, Nether, or even TerrainControl

    Plots can be anywhere...

    Actually set the plot biome...


    Notifications/Per plot time + weather...

    Complete control over plot composition...
    • Default generator bundled with PlotSquared
    • Percentage control over plot components and blocks
    We cannot help you in the review section!


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    2. plotsquared.png

Recent Updates

  1. 4.495 (1.13/1.14/1.15)
  2. 4.494 (1.13/1,14/1.15)
  3. 4.453 (1.13/1.14/1.15)

Recent Reviews

  1. Jochyoua
    Version: 4.4.495
    very nice plugin, i like the customization it offers and how nice and swell the developer is
  2. agathrrr
    Version: 4.4.495
    Well... this Addon was really nice... RIP PS

    Why am I so angry on the Devs:
    Sure they could now say shortly: "Just a salty free user that isn't willing to pay"
    But that's just a very shorted viewangle.

    It's for example a really nice move from IS to let the Source Open, so everyone could (or could learn) to compile the Plugin his/herself and continue use it for free on their own risk without support...

    But exactly that's the point... IS is also making other plugins like FAWE which is nearly a Worldedit clone and when they would do this with FAWE I would 100% respect it.

    But PS is not just a "nice to have" Plugin like FAWE (you still could place cube for cube and it just takes a lot of time) PS is also a Security Plugin, the most servers use it because there is nearly no alternative to it today and if they have a bug or other kinds of problems, may all the collected stuff you own get lost or stolen and noone will help you with this issue..... just if you pay 15 Euro you may get some support.

    And that's what makes this new turn of IS to a very cruel development studio.

    For sure paid versions can get a better support then free users, that's not a problem.... but there is noone that could help you when you really get issues...

    A "Users helps Users" isn't possible because there is no Discord Channel for "free support" so if your stuff gets fucked up there is absolutly no way to find a fix for it.

    And I mean..... this Plugin is so successful because you can find it instantly on Google when you search for a plot plugin.... why can you find it directly on top ? because nearly 400k downloads were made on it.... so they profit from all the small servers like mine (which has 8 players semi active and 2-3 guests coming once and leaving again after their first visit) but when my or other small servers get real issues they literally say "fuck off, buy it or die and don't try to get help in another channel or it will result in a discord ban"

    That's why I can't find positive aspects for it tbh, I'm sorry.

    People that still play Minecraft on small servers are often poor people and are developers to..... people that also try to help each other and to create a Server where their friends or public players can enjoy their time.... and when a creator don't want to waste time for all of them it's ok.... but atleast a "player to player Support" is simply a musthave.

    And the worst part of story is, that they destroy their work with it theirself, because in one year will maybe be a real alternative out from someone else that grows fast while PS only is on the few real big servers then for which it makes sense to pay a fee for Plugins.... and all the security Issues that got before reported by thousands of people get now reported from a handful of persons and these are often exactly the Servers that earn money with it and normally this servers wait a longer time till they update to newest minecraft version because they can't have bugs in it or paying players will leave.
    but without all the small servers that just try the new dev version, only this big servers will get real bad issues.... so they pay now for a much more bad product.

    And this is the reason why I started with "RIP PS" because that decision will destroy the Plugin itself... because when FAWE or some other Addons are Buggy, you just put them off for a while.... but a Server where players use their plots as vaults, the whole Server is unable to run in the time while the Addon has hard issues, because otherwise there would a lot of people just rub everything from others plots or dig into the streets in the time till a new version is out.

    well... I wrote much more than I wanted.. take care everyone... I hope to find a real alternative really soon.
    1. I-S
      Author's Response
      We develop plugins in our spare time, and we give support to users of said plugins in our spare time. PlotSquared is most certainly not a necessity and having access to the plugin and support for the plugin is not a right, it's a privilege.

      Calling us cruel is hardly fair. We want to keep the plugin alive, but letting it be a massive free-for-all meant that it wasn't possible for us to keep it going, at least not if we wanted to keep the quality up. That's why we made the decision we made.

      You are more than welcome to use these forums to ask for support, people are quite helpful and it's nice to see. We do not have the capacity to host public support channels on our Discord as they have to be moderated.

      I am very proud of how successful PlotSquared has been, and version 5 is the fastest selling premium resource on the platform. The community really stepped up, and I appreciate everyone that has been able to contribute to the survival of the project.

      If you can't buy the plugin, you're free to compile it on your own. The wiki is open for everyone, and so is the issue tracker. If there are vulnerabilities in the plugin, everyone can report them. The issue tracker has never, and will never be limited to our supporters.

      Thanks for your input.
      Yours truly, Citymonstret.
  3. MarioDasEinhorn
    Version: 4.4.495
    Leider gibts nicht die Möglichkeit für einen halben oder keinen Stern...
    Ich bin Enttäuscht das die letzte Free Version noch Bugs hat und eine "Bugfreie" Version 15 Euro kostet...
    Eine Trauer für jeden Server der sich gegen Profit stellt denn irgendwie muss er ja seine Ausgaben wie für das Plugin wieder reinholen...
    Bin echt Enttäuscht!
    Gibt erst 5 Sterne wenn die letzte "Free" Version Bugfrei ist!
    1. I-S
      Author's Response
      Well, you are able to compile the source of v5 for free. It's just support that is not offered to those that have not paid for it. This is not a "free version". This is an outdated version. We won't update it, as it's not a different plugin, and the whole point of updating a plugin is to... fix bugs. If you take issue, then we are sorry you feel that way, however, we ask that you attempt to understand how development cycles work.
  4. Yakut58
    Version: 4.4.495
    For those struggling with compiling the plugin yourself: Clone the repo, do not download as .zip (thanks to the devs!)

    solid plugin, served me well over the years.
  5. NismoR34
    Version: 4.4.495
    Hallo, das PlotSquared ist super nur hab ich immer wieder Große Löcher, woran kann das liegen, ich benutzte MC 1.15.2

    Hello, the PlotSquared is great, only I have big holes again and again, what can that be, I used MC 1.15.2 my english is not so good.
  6. CoreTech
    Version: 4.4.495
    Doesn't Offer support unless you have paid them. Made it into a premium resource. Stopped offering any support for legacy versions.
    1. I-S
      Author's Response
      I'm not sure what you mean by "legacy versions". If you are referring to v3, then you are 2 years late. v3 hasn't been supported since 2018 and the vast majority of PlotSquared users are using it on versions 1.13 and later (source, bstats)
      But if you want to use outdated versions it is fine as well, but you are on your own then.
  7. Porkchop
    Version: 4.4.495
    Author decided to throw his plugin behind a paywall. Typical shill, not all of us have money to spend so we are stuck with an old buggy plugin.
    1. I-S
      Author's Response
      I'm sorry you feel that way. The response to version 5 has been overwhelmingly positive, and we have been able to focus even more on helping people with genuine questions.
      Nevertheless PlotSquared remains open source so you can still compile it from source.
  8. Gamerexde
    Version: 4.4.495
    It has been the best plugin on spigot, and my favorite plugin. It is free, open source and very complete. Now that the plugin will be only avaliable as a premium plugin I feel a bit pissed since if I wan't the new features and bug fixes I have to pay 17$ for it. I will not give a bad review to show that I do not agree with this change, I understand the transition reason from free to premium, to spend more time developing and that is respectable. At some point I will buy the premium version if the new plugin promises good things, for now the features are not that appealing or not necessary. But anyway, thanks for this plugin and until this last update, being one of the best and most useful plugins in spigot. :)
  9. PixelHD
    Version: 4.4.495
    15€ for this plugin, just for support and Bugfixes? Lmao, forget it. I would rather burn 15€ instead of giving them to you. You already earn 154$ monthly through patreon ;D
    So everything about PlotSquared v4: Too many bugs, author not willing to fix them. I do not recommend using it.
    1. I-S
      Author's Response
      I'm sorry you feel that way. The response to version 5 has been overwhelmingly positive, and we have been able to focus even more on helping people with genuine questions.

      Most of the bugs you will encounter in version 4 have probably been resolved by now.
  10. dinoboss2001
    Version: 4.4.495
    esto es una estaffa antes era gratis ahora es premium esto lo odio que lo hagan pero claro que se jodan los que no tienen dinero no? ...
    1. I-S
      Author's Response
      I'm sorry you feel that way. The response to version 5 has been overwhelmingly positive, and we have been able to focus even more on helping people with genuine questions.

      Most of the bugs you will encounter in version 4 have probably been resolved by now.