PlotSquared v4 - v5 out now! 4.4.495

The best plot plugin available for Minecraft.

  1. 4.495 (1.13/1.14/1.15)

  2. 4.494 (1.13/1,14/1.15)

    This is the last release of PlotSquared as on this resource page in Spigot.
    Read more about it on our discord server:

    PlotSquared version 5 will be released as a separate resource in the near
    future. It's already available via our Patreon. We've made an announcement
    about this in our Discord server (link above). More information will also be
    available via our...
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  3. 4.453 (1.13/1.14/1.15)

    This release contains the following changes:

    * Adapted WorldEdit flag standards for all kinds of PlotSquared flags.
    * Fixed "/plot leave" command not working. (#2571)
    * Added new translation strings for "/plot leave" declaring the user who left.
    * Added new translation strings for member settings.
    * Fixed startup messages not having a color.
    * Added enhanced information how to use the "titles" value in settings.yml
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  4. 4.400 (1.13/1.14)

    This release contains the following changes:

    * Added check to see if WORLDEDIT_RESTRICTIONS is enabled, elsewise just disable it
    * Fixed block chance parsing
    * Fixed "/plot music" command not working (#2571)
    * Make PlotSquared ignoring invalid blocks on input
    * Fixed UUID/Names on signs not updating after name change...
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  5. 4.390 (1.13/1.14 Update)

    This (minor) release contains the following changes:
    * Fix an issue where the place flag isn't functioning properly (#2524)
    * Fix issues where the deny-teleport flag conditions do not work as expected (#2506)
    * Fix an issue where NoClassDefFoundError is thrown on startup...
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  6. Hotfixes

    • Fixed several (minor) issues regarding 1.14.4
    • Cleaned up some methods
    • Small API cleanups
    - NotMyFault
  7. Fixed critical issue with version not parsed correctly

    • Fixed version being parsed incorrectly causing the update checker not working properly (Issue #2490)
    • Updated Gradle to 5.6.2
    - NotMyFault
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  8. Version 4.347

    Relatively minor update:
    • Added a "kelp-grow" flag
    • Reformatted debug paste logs
    • Fixed being able to place buckets of lava and water in other people's plots. (Issue #2435)
    • Fixed "IllegalArgumentException: value already present" (Issue #2423)
    • Fixed template exporting
    • Migrated Templates to new format for Minecraft 1.13 and...
  9. Minor update to ID handling

    Small update to fix some issues with a few IDs.
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  10. 4.297 (1.13/14 Minor Update 4)

    We've finally got round to fixing up the 1.14 support

    - Do not load the 1.13+ plugin on versions below 1.13
    - Fix IDs that changed between 1.13 and 1.14
    - Fix signs not working properly on 1.14
    - Some internal shenanigans to make it a bit nicer

    The update can be downloaded via

    Javadocs for development versions can be found at...