PlotSquared 4.353

The best plot plugin available for Minecraft.

  1. I-S
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    Source Code:
    Citymonstret, Empire92, MattBdev, dordsor21, NotMyFault
    Languages Supported:
    English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Korean, Chinese

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    Discord | Source | Dev Builds | Legacy Dev Builds | JavaDocs | bstats }
    The top world management plugin!
    By Citymonstret & Empire92 & MBon29 & dordsor21

    Support PlotSquared: paypal

    Support is available ONLY on our Discord!

    If you need PlotSquared for 1.8-1.12.2 please read below:
    • The version downloadable from this page is for > 1.13 and above only <
    • To download PlotSquared for > 1.8-1.12.2 < visit
    • Legacy will get bug fixes only. Do not expect new features for the legacy version. Please leave metrics enabled if you want continued support for your version of Minecraft.
    What is PlotSquared?
    PlotSquared is a land and world management plugin. It includes several highly configurable world generators. You can create plots of land in existing worlds using plot clusters, or you can have a full world of plots.

    Conversion to PlotSquared is automated
    • See here for PlotMe conversion. (Not supported in 1.13 or later)
    • See here for Plotz conversion. (Not supported in 1.13 or later)
    PlotSquared is not just for creative servers
    • Survival servers: We have a "town" template included with the plugin, or create your own using /plot setup
    • Skyblock: "skyblock" template included with the plugin
    • Are you a programmer? Use it to manage minigames. Clear arenas async, and manage plots using the plot cluster API.
    • The legacy version is also being used on Forge servers such as Pixelmon.
    Fast, scalable and efficient
    • Asynchronous plot clearing is a lot faster than PlotMe and improves upon PlotMe in many ways.
    • Asynchronous world generation using PaperMC
    • Works with hundreds of thousands of plots, or mega sized 2K x 2K custom terrain plots, with many functions built specifically for mass plot management.
    • Plot condensing and world trimming can drastically reduce the size of the world on disk
    • Powerful plot analysis and auto clearing mean you can further remove low quality plots
    • Legacy support for Bukkit 1.7 - 1.12, Sponge, and Nukkit (MCPE)
    • Updated support for Bukkit 1.13 and 1.14.4
    • Support for offline mode servers (We do not condone the use of the plugin on cracked servers)
    • Community translations for several languages (may be outdated but updates are welcome)
    • In built plot downloading + cross server saving and loading + some optional web interfaces.
    • Plot swapping / copying and cross world plot moving
    • Plot merging, your own plots or between friends
    • Extensive flag system so you can decide what should be protected on a per world, or per plot basis
    • Plot entry notifications / per plot time / weather / music etc with the flag system
    • Add custom roads to existing maps to make them look nicer
    • Configure additional messages however you want
    • Dynamic world border to prevent excessive exploring
    • Mob protection and per plot mob limiting
    • Interactive commands such as plot listing
    • Plot rating, ranking, complexity analysis, and auto clearing calibration
    • Use javascript to add new commands or script simple things like auto merging all plots
    • Plot schematic saving, loading and pasting
    • Per player settings such as plot chat and entry notifications
    • World creation either with multiverse, /plot setup, or manual yml configuration
    • Plot commenting and inboxes
    • World auto trimming which reduces the CPU and disk usage when people explore
    • Pistons and Sand/TNT cannons are properly restricted
    • Per plot redstone settings + plot redstone disablers
    • Optional fast async worldediting
    • Restrict the use of WorldEdit and VoxelSniper to plots only.
    • Chunk processing to safely unload dangerous chunks (also processes WorldEdit commands)
    • Component setting (floor, wall, border)
    • Section off areas (e.g. an area for donors) with plot clusters, or add plot clusters to vanilla worlds
    • Use holograms instead of signs if you want (HoloPlots addon)
    • Four tiers of plot allowance: Owner, Helper, Trusted, Denied
    • Plot naming (for teleportation)
    • Configurable command confirmation (e.g. for /plot clear)
    • Manage islands, skyblock, vanilla worlds, or certain sections of worlds as plots
    • A lot of generators, and settings to choose from
    More Info
    Official addons we created:


    Official generators:
    • HybridGenerator (This is bundled with PlotSquared.jar and supports plot + road schematics as well as Augmented generation)
    • BiomeGenerator (Natural biomes within plots|not a world generator)
    • PlotSquaredSG (Standalone generator|not a plot manager)
    • AdvPlots (Non square schematic generation)
    • BasicPlots (Basic generator with 1 plot per chunk)
    • PlotSquaredMG (Large custom terrain gen)
    • IslandPlots (Islands in ocean)
    Useful plugins (third party):
    Video tutorials:
    Add roads to your world...
    In built plot downloading (no setup required)...

    • Just use /plot download
    • Cross server "/plot save", "/plot load" and "/plot schematic paste url:<value>"
    • See addons above for additional web interfaces
    Plot merging...

    In game world creation...
    • Use /plot setup
    Combine generators; with or without roads...
    • click here for tutorial
    • Generate using any generator you want e.g. Normal terrain, Nether, or even TerrainControl
    Plots can be anywhere...
    Actually set the plot biome...
    • using FAWE
    • [​IMG]
    Notifications/Per plot time + weather...
    Complete control over plot composition...
    • Default generator bundled with PlotSquared
    • Percentage control over plot components and blocks
    Any plot shape...
    If you need help, join our discord.
    We cannot help you in the review section!


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Recent Reviews

  1. FrankCG
    Version: 4.353
    An amazing plugin with a friendly and helpful support. Highly recommendable for every server owner.
  2. PabloDons
    Version: 4.353
    ORE minecraft redstone server has been using this plugin snce 1.8 and we are nothing but pleased with everything it has to offer.
    1. I-S
      Author's Response
      What a warm review, thanks a lot :)
  3. ScuroK
    Version: 4.353
    Great plugin! Thx foor keeping it alive for so long! Great developer. Works fine on 1.14
    1. I-S
      Author's Response
      The 1.14 build is still heavily in development, but it's nice to hear that we make progress :D
  4. Wisnia834
    Version: 4.353
    Some problems on 1.12.2
    1) When you trying to clear someones Inbox it tells:
    - Successul clear messages
    - You dont have perms.
    So without perms you can clear someones Inbox.

    2) Its so annoying when you have to use /p flag set use allow and /p flag set price <price> instead /p sell <price>. Normall players don't get it xD
    1. I-S
      Author's Response
  5. kamalsingh
    Version: 4.353
    Good plugin but doesn't work in 1.13.2 [Atleast for me with default settings]
    Support on discord is either rare or none.
    1. I-S
      Author's Response
  6. oldfart
    Version: 4.353
    No hassle update to 1.14.4 Everything is working great. Thank you for keeping this plugin updated.
    1. I-S
      Author's Response
      Nice to hear :)
  7. Doneski
    Version: 4.353
    That is one of the best Plot plugins I have ever seen, but I have a big Problem. If I execute the "/p set wall ..." command e.g. beacon or sand comes an Error: "This Block is not allowed" but I would like to allow this block ... how and where can I do this? In the settings.yml I changed the prevent-unsafe to false, but the problem is already there...
    1. I-S
      Author's Response
  8. iTzGamer_05
    Version: 4.353
    Hey, Plugin works fine but please add the support that cloudnet permissions work with plot squared to. If i give players the permission (with cperms, the permission system from cloudnet) plots.plot.4 it don't work.
    1. I-S
      Author's Response
      If it doesn't work with this "Cperms", contact them. PlotSquared works fine with every ordinary permission plugin, such as LuckPerms.
  9. GiverPlay007
    Version: 4.353
    The best Plot plugin, I am using it in my server, is really best plot Plugin.

    This plugin works perfectly on 1.4.4???
    1. I-S
      Author's Response
      It does, if you encounter issues feel free to visit us on our discord :)
  10. kotzeimer
    Version: 4.353
    Hello. i cant update the plugin. i have the PlotSquared version 19.07.13-44ad99e-773 and want to update to the newest version. but when i do that no one has his plot and and and. can you help me? ^thank ;)
    1. I-S
      Author's Response