PlotSquared 4.400

The best plot plugin available for Minecraft.

  1. Version 4.347

    Relatively minor update:
    • Added a "kelp-grow" flag
    • Reformatted debug paste logs
    • Fixed being able to place buckets of lava and water in other people's plots. (Issue #2435)
    • Fixed "IllegalArgumentException: value already present" (Issue #2423)
    • Fixed template exporting
    • Migrated Templates to new format for Minecraft 1.13 and up.
    • Fixed a typo in DebugUUID
    • Fixed a bug with addplots.js (Issue #2013)
    • Replace annotations in code from javax to JetBrains
    • Updated Mojang UUID fetcher
    • Added a message for success and failure of removing comments from plots.
    • Various documentation tweaks for the API.
    • Added an invalid world name checker.
    • Created fixborders.js
    • Added an invalid world name check
    • Added a null check for the very unlikely chance that a command isn't found
    • Fixed issues with generating chunks
    • Removed unused translation strings
    • Add toggle for plot time
    • Removed outdated pom
    • Fix branch name in settings.yml
    • Fixed gradle script with Grgit
    • Modified internal configuration classes, Updated Mojang UUID fetcher, other various method and documentation tweaks
    • Added null checks to validation task
    • Version number fixes, fixed documentation, new caption added, and tweaks to API functionality
    • More bug fixes and code tweaks
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