PlotSquared 4.400

The best plot plugin available for Minecraft.

  1. 4.400 (1.13/1.14)

    This release contains the following changes:

    * Added check to see if WORLDEDIT_RESTRICTIONS is enabled, elsewise just disable it
    * Fixed block chance parsing
    * Fixed "/plot music" command not working (#2571)
    * Make PlotSquared ignoring invalid blocks on input
    * Fixed UUID/Names on signs not updating after name change...
  2. 4.390 (1.13/1.14 Update)

    This (minor) release contains the following changes:
    * Fix an issue where the place flag isn't functioning properly (#2524)
    * Fix issues where the deny-teleport flag conditions do not work as expected (#2506)
    * Fix an issue where NoClassDefFoundError is thrown on startup...
  3. Hotfixes

    • Fixed several (minor) issues regarding 1.14.4
    • Cleaned up some methods
    • Small API cleanups
    - NotMyFault
  4. Fixed critical issue with version not parsed correctly

    • Fixed version being parsed incorrectly causing the update checker not working properly (Issue #2490)
    • Updated Gradle to 5.6.2
    - NotMyFault
  5. Version 4.347

    Relatively minor update:
    • Added a "kelp-grow" flag
    • Reformatted debug paste logs
    • Fixed being able to place buckets of lava and water in other people's plots. (Issue #2435)
    • Fixed "IllegalArgumentException: value already present" (Issue #2423)
    • Fixed template exporting
    • Migrated Templates to new format for Minecraft 1.13 and...
  6. Minor update to ID handling

    Small update to fix some issues with a few IDs.
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  7. 4.297 (1.13/14 Minor Update 4)

    We've finally got round to fixing up the 1.14 support

    - Do not load the 1.13+ plugin on versions below 1.13
    - Fix IDs that changed between 1.13 and 1.14
    - Fix signs not working properly on 1.14
    - Some internal shenanigans to make it a bit nicer

    The update can be downloaded via

    Javadocs for development versions can be found at...
  8. Quick version format fix

    Don't add -Release to the version, causing people to experience errors on load.
  9. 4.276 (1.13 Minor Update 3)

    It's been a while since the last update, so have another one.

    - Fix issues with armor stand permissions
    - Fix errors using scripts
    - Load plugin even if metrics fails to load
    - Allow single plot areas to load survival worlds
    - Single plot world generation optimized
    - Fix debugimportworlds
    - Fix teleportOnLogin
    - Workaround for several permissions plugins' incompatibility
    - Fix random ClassCastExceptions
    - Don't...
  10. 4.221 (1.13 Minor Update 2)

    Another week, another update. This one brings a few new features, and a bunch of bug fixes.

    - Fix issue with schematic names
    - Fix legacy converter issues
    - Fix single plot areas
    - Fix UUID problem
    - Make help categories configurable
    - Make the "Display all commands" message configurable - Remove annoying debug message
    - Fix interval flags (feed, heal)
    - Fix /plot home for merged plots
    - Schematic...