PlotSquaredMG 3.4.0 u2

PlotSquared generator optimized for large plots (minimum size=512x512)

  1. Empire92
    PlotSquaredMG (Mega Generator)

    Before using this, please be aware of the following:
    This project is experimental

    At this stage, the functionality in this plugin is limited. No effort has been put into ease of use, or configuration outside the scope.

    This does not support .schematic files
    - WorldEdit / AsyncWorldEdit cannot export schematics of the required size, therefore an alternative method was used
    - Custom terrain must be specific sizes, i.e. (plot width) + (road width) must be divisible by 512

    This is not intended for ordinary servers
    For most purposes, you should use the default generator bundled with PlotSquared. It is easy to setup, supports standard schematics, and allows a lot more flexibility.

    Some functionality has been

    - Plot merging does not remove roads (merging still connects plots)

    This generator is optimized for handling large custom terrain plots. The minimum size is 512x512.

    Download PlotSquaredMG.jar
    - Put it in your plugins folder
    Build your plot template

    The easiest way to do this is to generate a world with PlotSquared. The plot size + road width must be a multiple of 512:
    - 512
    - 1024
    - 1536
    - 2049
    - 2560
    - 3079
    - 3584
    - 4096

    Make sure that your plot size + the road width is a multiple of 512 before you start building!
    - If you have multiverse use /mv create <world> normal -g PlotSquared:s=<size>,g=<road width>
    - Build on and around the 1;1 Plot.

    Create a mega world from this plot
    Once you have built your custom terrain (which includes the road), you can create a mega world using:
    /plot copyregion <world>

    - See console for debug information.

Recent Reviews

  1. Azztech
    Version: 2.12.0
    Very helpful was just trying to generate 1000x1000 creative plots and it wasn't working out this is just what i needed.
  2. chamunks
    Version: 1.0.0
    Working with Empire92 has almost always resulted in a stable plugin being developed. Thanks for the resource!