Plotz Dynmap Addon 1.1

Show plots on your Dynmap map

  1. kyle
    Plotz Dynmap Add-on
    Show plots on your Dynmap map

    This is a simple addon to my other plugin Plotz, you will need that before continuing!

    • Simple, fast, and efficient
    • Simple configuration
    • Almost instant updates on online map
    • No previous HTML knowledge needed to make the interface look amazing
    • Descriptions do not flicker
    1. Download Plotz 1.9 or higher
    2. Download this plugin
    3. Download Dynmap
    4. Drop the plugin(s) in your plugins folder
    5. Start your server and the plugin(s) will generate the required files
    6. Edit the generated config.yml to your liking

    Configuration Guide:
    Code (Text):

    # Text shown when you click on a plot
    # Acceptable variables: %owner%, %x%, %z%, %id%, %biome%
    # HTML and \n is also acceptable here
    plot-description: 'ID: %id%\nOwner: %owner%\nBiome: %biome%'

    # Line color
    # Can be hex number or Bukkit color code character
    line-color: '9'
    # (Whole number) Line weight
    line-weight: 3
    # (Decimal) Line opacity (0.0-1.0)
    line-opacity: 1.0

    # Filling
    # Can be hex number or Bukkit color code character
    filling-color: '4'
    # (Decimal) filling opacity (0.0-1.0)
    filling-opacity: 0.6[/SIZE][/FONT]
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