PlotzSux 3.4.1

Plotz to PlotSquared converter.

  1. Empire92
    This plugin is a converter from Plotz to PlotSquared and was created at the request of multiple people for reasons such as buggy software, lack of support or withholding features.

    If you dislike the naming of the plugin, then perhaps you shouldn't be using it.

    How to use:

    1. Download this and PlotSquared and put them both in your plugins folder
    2. Start your server with the above and Plotz still enabled
    3. You will be notified when conversion is finished (usually takes several seconds)
    4. At this point you will need to stop the server and delete Plotz.jar PlotZWorld.jar and PlotzSux.jar

    What will be converted:

    • Any generator settings in the bukkit.yml
    • Multiverse configurations
    • Plot height, width, road size, generator offset
    • The Plotz schematic will be processed and reduced to 3 much smaller schematics (sideroad.schematic, intersection.schematic, plot.schematic) for use in the PlotSquared hybrid generator
    • Plot settings (owners, admins, members, alias)
    • Merged plots
    • There may be some minor differences, which should be able to be fixed manually.
    • If it says "PlotMe conversion is done" - it's referring to Plotz
    • If something doesn't work, please let me know and I will do my best to resolve the problem

Recent Updates

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Recent Reviews

  1. Darkpicasa
    Version: 3.0.12
    It's very nice, although generators didn't swap when using multiverse. I just had to do this one step manually.
  2. Johandrex
    Version: 3.0.12
    It's a very nice plugin! Alot better than PlotMe and Plotz, there's however some bugs that has to be fixed.
  3. Qwaz
    Version: 2.12.8
    Works, name isn't even an issue.
  4. Absentee23
    Version: 2.12.8
    5 stars because the icon is green. Seriously people, rate based on the plugin's functionality. Not it's name.